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Why Set Up a Portable Dining Unit at Your Campsite?

Portable dining units, a type of welfare cabin, are traditionally used at outdoor worksites, such as construction sites or at temporary offices. However, there are other places where their use may also be appropriate.

One such example is at a campsite. If you run a campsite, then this blog is for you; read on to learn about why you could benefit from a portable dining unit.

anti vandal unit

Attract Visitors

Campsites attract all types of campers. Those who drive a motorhome, trail a caravan or go back to the basics and camp in a simple tent. In the case of the latter, you then have experienced campers, who may have all the equipment and gear to set up their very own camping kitchen, or beginner campers who simply have the basics.

By installing a portable dining unit at your campsite, you have the potential to attract more visitors to your site - especially those who plan to camp in tents and those who are beginner campers. This is because many people appreciate the option of having an indoor area where they can keep food cold, wash dishes and even heat up their food in a microwave, as well as have somewhere warm to sit down at a table and eat - and charge their phone!

Whilst the attraction of camping for many is to go back to basics and be self-sufficient, many still appreciate having the option of some familiar conveniences.

Easier Maintenance

Whilst you can advertise for people to respect your campsite rules and take all their rubbish home with them, unfortunately some individuals don’t always comply.

Although there are other things you can do to mitigate this, such as taking a deposit from guests, setting up a portable dining cabin encourages them to be more responsible with their rubbish and food items.

By having a dedicated area with a sink and a bin where they can wash their dishes, pour away any old water and dispose of their waste, they are more likely to do so. This saves you from having to clear litter from the pitches at your site, where it looks unsightly and is damaging for the environment.

Reasonably Adjust Fees

If campers are looking for a site that offers the facilities to charge electronics, wash their dishes, boil water etc., then they are often willing to pay for the convenience of these, also.

As such, you can reasonably adjust your prices to account for this, offering you the chance to increase your revenue, which in turn can even go back into maintaining the site itself if you so choose.

Portable Unit Hire

Convenient for both guests and staff, portable welfare units are a great option to install at your campsite. If your site is based in Manchester or the surrounding area, then look to us here at Manchester Cabins to supply you with the units you need.

We also offer service toilets, another welcome addition to many campsites, as well as anti-vandal offices that can be used as reception areas for additional convenience.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and learn more about our cabin and container hire in Manchester.

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