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What is an Anti-Vandal Cabin?

If you run a construction company and are thinking about all the amenities and facilities you might need for your site, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options and may have also come across an “anti-vandal cabin”. But, what exactly is it and why hire one out for your site? In this blog, we explore anti-vandal cabins and how they can help your construction business today.

What is this structure?

Simply put, an anti-vandal cabin is a structure designed for unsecured sites and premises. These usually look like shipping containers or thick metal boxes and can either be supplied as single use or be double stacked to maximise space. These can also be used as both an office, for storage purposes or gatehouses and are also known as anti-vandal storage or anti-vandal offices.

Where is it used?

Usually, an anti-vandal cabin can be found on a construction site or industrial site. Whether a building project, agricultural site or waste management centre, anti-vandal cabins are usually part and parcel in these environments.

What are the benefits?

You might be thinking these sound pretty useful, but what are the actual benefits to hiring an anti-vandal cabin for your site and employees. Here are just some of the advantages:


The primary benefit of an anti-vandal cabin is the fact they are specifically designed to withstand any break-ins. From vandals to thieves, these structures protect important equipment, documents and information when the site isn’t in use.

Low maintenance

An anti-vandal cabin requires a minimal need for any maintenance also. Usually made from glass reinforced plastic (GRP), this material is robust but also lightweight and is a low maintenance material. Ideal for the outdoors and remote locations, anti-vandal cabins can withstand any exposure to chemicals and weather conditions, meaning you won’t need to worry about cleaning or repairing your cabin for a very long time.


Anti-vandal cabins undergo industry standard testing to ensure that they are strong, secure and ready to withstand any vandalism or break-ins. Many manufacturers also put them through a fire protection test, to cover all eventualities. Guaranteed to be one of the strongest structures on site, these cabins are popular for that reason.

Flexible applications

From office spaces to storage facilities, anti-vandal cabins are flexible and versatile to suit all requirements. Whether you’re looking for a space for the management and admin teams, a place for employees to relax or an area to store expensive machinery, these cabins are perfect for the job. They can also come with additional features such as toilets, a canteen or a drying room.

If you’re looking for secure, tough and cost effective anti-vandal cabins for your construction site in Manchester or surrounding areas, Manchester Cabin s can help. We provide anti-vandal cabins as well as portable loo, jackleg cabins and other facilities for your site. Contact us to find out more about our services today.

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