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The Industries That Benefit From Storage Container Hires

It can be easy to think straight to shipping yards and cargo holds when storage containers are mentioned. While they can be found in these places, storage containers have many more uses across a wide range of industries, renowned for their weather-proof and secure qualities.

Read on to discover four industries in particular that benefit from storage container hires in Manchester, with help from our team at Manchester Cabins Ltd.

anti vandal unit


Surprising as it may be, teaching often comes with a lot of much-needed equipment. Gone are the days of slates and chalk, with the teachers of today utilising smart technology for teaching purposes. This technology can be quite bulky, not to mention the variety of other furniture found in a classroom. To ensure both are kept safe when not in use, many educational facilities opt for secure storage containers in Manchester to hold their items until they are required for use again.


Container hires in Manchester are commonly used on construction sites, thanks to their protective qualities. Construction sites require a range of materials and equipment, so making sure these are stored safely is key. Expensive equipment can be costly to replace, so taking care to lock machines away from theft is essential. Storage container hires mean the bulky storage solution doesn’t need to be transported by the team themselves, but can instead be easily and conveniently delivered to the site.

Event Management

When hosting large events, it can be difficult to store everything needed in the same place inside. That’s why many hospitality businesses and venues choose to hire a storage container for the duration to help with the storage issue. Whether it’s simple tables and chairs or an intricate balloon arch, keeping these items tucked safely away from damage is important to providing a high-quality service.


Similar to construction, container hires in Manchester are often used for agricultural purposes. As a season-dependent industry, the amount of products a business has at one time is likely to differ widely. This may leave them unprepared for the storage requirements, so a storage unit becomes essential for a short period, making a hire a fantastic option.

How We Can Help

For the past 45 years, Manchester Cabins Ltd have taken pride in helping the above industries and more with their storage container needs. If you believe you could benefit from storage container hire in Wigan and the Greater Manchester area, our friendly team would be happy to help. We offer two different sizes of containers, meaning you can choose the best option for your project and storage needs.

Visit our website to learn everything you need to know about us and the areas we cover. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly staff today to find out more.

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