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Reasons You Need a Portable Shower and Toilet Block

If you’ve been considering installing a portable toilet or shower unit at your place of work, but aren’t 100% sure if they are necessary, you should know that there are many benefits to having them.

In this blog, we explain some of the top reasons for hiring a portable shower and toilet block.

They keep employees safe

If you work in an environment where your employees are exposed to dangerous materials or get dirty quickly, having a shower on-site means they can stay clean and hygienic when they finish their shift. Even with PPE, harmful materials can still come into contact with their body and face so you must have an area where employees can rinse themselves off.

Convenient to use

Your work site should be fully equipped with everything your team needs, including toilet blocks. Complete with urinals, washing basins, mirrors and showers, your staff won’t have to go far to use the bathroom or take a shower which means more time spent doing their work and less time off-site.

Affordable and flexible hire options

The great thing about hiring toilet and shower blocks is that there are short-term and long-term hire options. This means the blocks can move with you as you change sites so you always have access to the facilities but can also end your hire agreement when you please.

Handy for everyone

Shower blocks aren’t just suitable for construction sites and other similar environments they can be hired for a whole range of places. Perhaps your employees are travelling in from afar and need to take a shower before starting work, portable shower blocks are a great solution to this.

At Manchester Cabins, we are passionate about making the hiring of portable cabins as easy as possible, from the first promptly answered phone call through to the collection of the units at the end of hire. We have a range of cabins available for hire including toilet blocks, portable showers, jackleg cabins and more. Create better facilities on your building site or place of work. Get in touch today for more information about our services.

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