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Why Your Construction Site Should Have a Portable Toilet

The last thing anybody wants to do when they need the toilet is to spend 20 minutes trying to find a usable public toilet. For construction companies, this is an industry-standard. Rather than wasting valuable time on this unhygienic custom, this guide explains the benefits of renting (or even buying) a portable toilet for your construction site.

Improved Hygiene

Quite rightly, the main benefit to portable toilets which immediately comes to mind is that it’s a much more hygienic option. Not only do they encourage more regular hand cleaning but they also protect the rest of the public from workers, who may be handling dangerous materials and products, and who may inadvertently transfer these when using public toilets. It’s also useful not having to rely on your client’s toilets when working for another company or organisation. Furthermore, it’s generally preferable to try to limit the extent to which workers are coming in and out of the site throughout the day and a portable toilet is one of the primary ways to do this.

Additionally, if you choose the right company, like Manchester Cabins, they will come to install, clean, and remove your portable toilet for you - the hygiene benefits just don’t stop!

Increased Profit

Another often overlooked benefit is that installing a portable toilet will eliminate wasted time. Rather than having to walk to the nearest coffee shop, having a portable toilet on-site means that your workers will spend less time worrying about their next toilet trip and trying to find a public toilet, with all the distractions this process brings, and more time earning your company money! Another neat benefit is that a designated portable toilet will likely boost onsite morale which will manifest into any work being completed!

The Benefits of Buying Over Renting

A particularly cost-effective long term solution is to purchase a portable toilet outright rather than renting one, a choice which has many benefits. Firstly, you can purchase the portable toilet which fits your exact requirements and you can customise it to meet these, be they awkward dimensions or a branded exterior. Secondly, because it saves wasted time, this is a cheaper alternative to renting, but only if it’s used enough - especially given how durable they are. Thirdly, it’s one less thing to organise each and every time you move sites!

Side note: for some extra income, your portable toilet could be rented out when it’s not being used!

This guide has outlined the main benefits of using a portable cabin in construction settings, namely that it’s a more hygienic and potentially more cost-effective solution. For more information on portable toilets, cabins, and storage units, get in touch with Manchester Cabins today!

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