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Why Hire Portable Serviced Toilets for Your Next Outdoor Event?

So, you’re planning an outdoor event? Anything from a wedding to a music festival, whatever the scale of it - it is going to require certain facilities. All events require thorough planning and preparation and once you’ve acquired your perfect outdoor venue, booked entertainment and catering, there is one thing you cannot bypass and that is renting your portable serviced toilets. You’d be surprised how often event planners can accidentally forget about toilet facilities, even though they are arguably one of the most important facilities for an event.

As an event planner, the last thing you want to happen is the last-minute rush to rent portable toilets. Not only can the last-minute rush to do so be expensive for you may also end up compromising on the overall quality of your portable toilets, not to mention the fact that this is going to be unbelievably stressful. Even if you are hosting on the grounds of a location that has its own toilet facilities, the chances are you may find that lots of venues don’t possess enough toilets to cater for your guests.

With this in mind, we have outlined a few of the reasons why it's so important that you provide high-quality toilet facilities for your next outdoor event and just to give you a few ideas of how portable serviced toilets can be beneficial for your event, we’ve listed just some of the main benefits below.

Ease and convenience for guests

You must provide comfortable facilities for your guests and portable toilet facilities are crucial for this. It's certainly reassuring to know that there are toilet facilities at an outdoor event and often one of the first things which people like to check for their peace of mind.

Depending on the size of your event, having a few easy access locations with portable toilet facilities located at them is ideal. Being able to quickly find and use a toilet is another factor in enhancing the overall enjoyment of an event too! Attendees can focus on relaxing and enjoying themselves without the anxiety of needing to hunt down a non-existent portable toilet block.

Providing sanitary conditions

In most cases, if it is an outdoor event, portable toilets are likely to be the only toilets. Taking that into account, if your attendees do not have suitable toilet facilities, they are going to be likely to get a bit resourceful and most likely find a quiet spot within the outdoor area to use as a restroom. Not only is this less than ideal for them it's also going to be pretty unsanitary for you to have to clean and a health hazard for anyone within the vicinity. Without portable toilet facilities, the event is going to be tainted by unpleasant smells and unhygienic conditions. Just by simply using portable toilets, you’ll be eradicating any of this from happening.

Family-friendly reassurance

When your little ones need the toilet, no doubt you are familiar with that sense of urgency - they mean it right now. Ensuring you have a good amount of portable toilets on the premises is certainly going to lower the sense of stress parents may be feeling in regards to toilet facilities. Again, just ensuring you have them is going to mean that everyone will feel calm and able to enjoy the event!

Protecting your facilities

When you hire portable toilets for an event, any restricted areas which provide restrooms will be protected. And as previously mentioned if your indoor facilities are not big enough to accommodate your attendees - this is going to ensure you will be able to avoid excessively long queues in any onsite facilities and prevent any unwanted foot traffic in indoor areas.

Less mess

Clearing up after any event is always a bit of an undertaking, but particularly when it's been a large scale outdoor event. If you do opt out hire portable serviced toilets, your chosen hire firm may offer a service in which they carry out the clean up of the portable toilets on your behalf and then it’ll be a case of hauling the toilets to carry out a full clean up back at the firm's base.

An eco-friendly alternative

Most people these days carry a sense of responsibility for their part in keeping our planet as healthy as possible and a big part of that is not wasting water. If you use portable toilets not only are you adhering to the necessary sanitation requirements, but you are also doing your bit for the environment as well believe it or not! Portable toilets use very little space and they don’t require an ongoing water supply.

You may not realise it but portable toilets conserve more water than ‘normal’ toilets because of their flushing mechanism. As well as this, portable toilets don’t require power for lights and flushing such as standard model toilets. When a portable toilet rental firm disposes of any waste, they are going to ensure that they do so safely, taking precautions to ensure that the process is carried out in a sanitary and environmentally friendly manner.

Suitable for attendees with mobility issues

Although it may not seem like an obvious solution, portable toilets can be highly adaptable and suited to accommodating those attending your event who may have mobility issues or use a walking aid or mobility scooter. Not only can you have specific disability portable toilets or units with ramps and railing but as well, if the toilets are far away, it will be hard for those with mobility issues to get to. This is an easy way to ensure that your event is both inclusive and accessible to all.


Serviced portable toilets are frequently the most cost-effective toilet option for an event. As previously mentioned, not only do they use less energy but they also save a great deal of cash on water and electricity. The likelihood is as well, that you will not need to use as many toilet attendants to ensure the portable toilets are maintained and well-stocked.

Manchester Cabins - portable Serviced Toilet Hire From our Leading Team in the Manchester Area

It is often the case that the chosen location for an event or building project does not have adequate toilet facilities. If your next site is lacking in services, speak to Manchester Cabins. First established in 1979, our team has been providing top-quality portable serviced toilet hire to businesses and community groups for over 37 years. We have a huge number of units available with all costs presented upfront. With fast deliveries and collections anywhere in the Manchester and North West area and our exemplary customer service, the choice is easy!

Manchester Cabins can provide you with easy to install, hygienic and affordable portable toilets for any situation. To ensure our high standards are maintained, every week our cleaning vehicles perform an 8 stage refresh of our portable serviced toilet hire find out more about the vast range of products and services we have available, please feel free to contact us today, we’d be delighted to help with any enquiries you may have.

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