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Why Construction Sites Need to Prioritise Service Toilets

Portable toilet hire is essential for any construction site. This simple on-site implementation offers a plethora of benefits for workers, clients, and, interestingly, the environment. What’s more, they come in handy in a surprising array of situations, including office remodels, retail unit fit-outs, residential builds and extensions, and civil engineering projects.

In this post, we explore some of the benefits of portable toilet hire and why you should strongly consider it for your work site.

Service Toilets Ensure Site Safety

Service toilets are a fundamental strategy for maintaining decent on-site hygiene levels. Vendors furnish toilets with regular maintenance, ensuring that they provide an optimal environment for workers. Employees should feel free to use the restrooms whenever they please and be able to do so without the risk of contamination or infection.

Service Toilets Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Without portable toilet hire, construction sites can get messy quickly. Workers still require restrooms, so if service toilets are unavailable, they will look to the broader community for their comfort needs. And, unfortunately, this can harm your company’s reputation. Local residents and businesses don’t usually appreciate long lines of builders waiting to use their lavatory facilities.

Service toilets provide a quick solution. When you install them on-site, service them regularly, and the problem of meeting your employee’s lavatory needs will evaporate.

Service Toilets Increase Productivity

When workers search for available restrooms in the local area, it reduces their time on-site which, in turn, cuts productivity. The more time they spend walking to public toilets, the less time they are working.

Furthermore, service toilets improve productivity via their effect on employee satisfaction. Workers don’t have to go through the hassle of finding toilets off-site. Instead, they can access them immediately, which is precisely what they want. If they know you care about their well-being, they’re much more likely to work harder.

Portable Toilet Hire Improves The Environment

Interestingly, portable toilets may actually be better for the environment than conventional mains flush toilets. Chemical waste disposal means that they use significantly less water which reduces their carbon footprint.

Service Toilets Have A Low On-Site Footprint

While service toilets do take up some space, they have a small on-site footprint, even if you place several of them in a row. Workers have more room to operate and public thoroughfares can remain free from obstruction.

Service Toilets Protect Privacy

Service toilets aren’t just great for worker privacy; they protect client privacy, too. Many firms and residential property owners don’t want construction workers on their properties. They would much prefer that they remain on the outside of buildings or in active construction areas. This way, any construction work has minimal impact on their schedules and routines.

If service toilets are available, this becomes possible. Workers can go to the bathroom without causing any stress or inconvenience to their clients.

Ultimately, service toilets are an excellent idea for all construction sites or projects involving crews of outdoor workers you want to keep separate from clients’ private spaces. Consult Manchester Cabins for additional details.

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