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Why Choose Portable Toilets for Your Construction Site


It’s highly recommended that you have access to portable toilets on your construction site, both to maintain employee productivity, as well as positivity and general wellbeing. It’s not uncommon for construction companies to completely eradicate portable toilet hire out of the existing budget to cut costs, with many employers asking their workforce to source toilets off-site, such as in town centres, restaurants or pubs, which causes frustration and ultimately wastes time.

Investing in portable toilets from Manchester cabins will diminish this inconvenience, ensuring your employees are able to visit the bathroom on-site, avoiding delays, disruption or disgruntled employees.


In these uncertain times, with the threat of climate change and global warming ever more persistent and significant, carrying out practices at your workplace that are directly designed to reduce your environmental impact should be thoroughly explored. Portable toilets are particularly beneficial in this instance, requiring little water to operate effectively, whilst ensuring that all waste is disposed of safely and appropriately. This means you can carry out your construction work efficiently and with care, safe in the knowledge that your environmental impact is kept to a minimum.


As mentioned above, installing portable toilets at your site of construction will eliminate the need for employees to source external bathroom facilities, such as in shopping centres or pubs, thereby improving your overall productivity. With no need for extended breaks, and less time spent away off-site, your construction work can be completed much faster, with employee positivity and productivity improved drastically simply by installing portable toilets nearby.

After all, employees are far more likely to feel safe, protected and looked after when there are facilities on-site, which will ultimately improve satisfaction levels across your entire workforce, enhancing your productivity.


Should you have on-site visitors attending your place of construction, it’s vital that you have the necessary bathroom facilities close by, instead of sending them to your local supermarket, or else risk damaging your company’s reputation. Portable toilets on-site are professional, and will prove to potential clients you demand to be taken seriously, improving your reputation.

Looking for portable toilet hire in Manchester? At Manchester Cabins, our portable buildings and toilet blocks are dependable, cost-effective and versatile, capable of suiting a wide range of situations and applications. For reliable container hire services, get in touch with our team today.

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