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Where Does My Portable Toilet Waste Go and How Do They Work?

Portable toilets are a great solution when working outdoor or planning an event because they are so convenient. But, whether you plan on hiring a portable toilet for an extended period or just a few days, you may be wondering how they work and what happens to the waste. The good news is, we have the answer to both!

Read on to find out more about how portable toilets work.

How does a portable toilet work?

Portable toilets are self-contained so waste does not get flushed into the sewer as it does at home, but is instead carried into a holding tank beneath the toilet. The pump flush acts as a vacuum so when you push the lever the waste is carried into the hold tank and chemicals are used instead of water to kill germs, prevent smells and break down the waste.

You can, however, also choose portable toilets that are connected to the mains - these are often used for long-term use. They do not require the same amount of chemical treatments as long as they are connected to a full sewage system with water, although they should still be cleaned regularly.

What happens to the toilet waste?

Since portable toilets can hold toilet waste unless they are mains connected, it will need to be emptied. Everything that is flushed away will go into a large waste container which is broken down by chemicals before it is emptied into a tank.

Many portable toilets come with a flow indicator on the side of the block so you can see exactly when it needs to be emptied, don’t worry you don’t have to do this yourself! The hire company will empty your waste via an output hole by sucking it out with a large vacuum to keep everything as hygienic as possible. Once the waste has been transferred into the tank, it will be taken to a specialised cleaning facility so it can be disposed of safely.

If you’re looking for a portable toilet block for hire, Manchester Cabins has a range of products available. Modern and easy to install, we can deliver toilet blocks across Manchester whether that’s for business use or private use. To ensure our high standards are maintained, every week our cleaning vehicles perform an 8 stage refresh of our portable serviced toilet hire units. Contact us today for more information.

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