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What Makes Anti-Vandal Offices Special?

As an alternative to traditional storage units, anti-vandal offices are becoming a favourable option for business owners in The United Kingdom. Though you may not be completely familiar with these spacious and secure measures, they offer plenty of advantages over a conventional hired storage space. Within this detailed article, we’ll look to address the important features and additions. Join Manchester Cabins for insight into utilising anti-vandal offices in smaller spaces, as well as the security features to expect and practical functions aplenty.

anti vandal unit

Added Security Assurances

The modern business owner expects a secure setting to store their valuables and everyday electronics, with such a location likely difficult to access for opportunistic criminals. Not always possible if you already work within a crowded business setting, anti-vandal offices are purpose-built to prevent criminal damage and vandalism, equipped with several distinct features to make them watertight as far as theft is concerned.


Where there is a heightened threat of vandalism or theft our range of Manchester Cabins anti-vandal offices will most certainly fit the bill. With secure shutters for the windows and doors and an insurance approved padlock, our units are tough to crack into, and with the option to add your own security features, such as alarms and CCTV set-ups, you can really give yourself peace of mind that goods are safe.

Stacking And Fitting

Excess room is rarely at a premium within work settings, with such competition for space in a commercial and industrial context. This means that often, stakeholders are tasked with finding creative ways to expand their premises - and thanks to their variable sizing and potential to be stacked vertically, anti-vandal offices are a flexible option.


If you have space restrictions, our 20′ x 8′ anti-vandal cabins can be stacked and fitted with an access stairway. This doubles the area of work space or allows you to have a storage container underneath, whilst only taking up the area of one cabin – a perfect solution for smaller sites! Coming in two distinct dedicated sizing options, there’s a degree of flexibility to the unit you choose.

A Dedicated Space

Dedicated to your particular business needs and able to adjust based on your profession and daily actions, cabins include a standard simple 32A “Blue Plug” 2P + E Electrical connection as well as overhead lighting, electrical sockets and 2KW convector heaters. All of our 20’ and most 10’ anti vandal units have stainless steel sinks, 15mm water inlet connections and 40mm waste outlets.


Found yourself searching ‘container hire Wigan’ or ‘storage containers Manchester’? At Manchester Cabins, we aim to make renting portable cabins as stress-free as possible by managing both transportation and retrieval from your site. Our skilled team members are each trained to the highest safety and industry standards, so contact today for recognisable quality.





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