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What is Storage Container Farming and How Can You Do It?

Updated: Feb 19

Farming is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, yet it is one of the most important parts of our survival, putting food on our plates. That’s why it is becoming increasingly essential to source our foods as locally as possible, mitigating the need to transport our food across the country or the planet. Container farming is a relatively new idea that enables us to grow our food in our back garden. It is a concept that businesses and households can make use of to farm sustainably and save money.

Veg field

What is shipping container farming?

Shipping containers offer a unique way to farm foods by creating a controlled growing environment where factors like temperature, moisture and light can be monitored and carefully adjusted when needed. This allows farmers to eliminate the challenges of traditional farming and increases the quality and consistency of crop yields. What’s great is that you don’t need to be a professional farmer to start a storage container farm. Anyone can get involved as long as they have the space for a storage container.

What makes storage container farming better than traditional farming?

A single vertical container farm can grow the equivalent of 2.5 acres of produce annually — a lucrative prospect — and a single farmer can comfortably operate up to 3 shipping containers. Just imagine the difference you can make. Furthermore, shipping containers can easily be shipped anywhere in the world, so if you need to move, you can take the farm with you. Furthermore, container farms use hydroponic farming techniques which use 99% less water than traditional farming.

Essentially, container farms are like greenhouses, but with much more control. They offer automated systems, better security, defence against pests and the ability to grow all year round. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, you are able to curate the perfect habitat inside the shipping container.

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