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What Can You Use a Jackleg Cabin For?

Jackleg cabins are named after the legs that allow some cabins to be levelled out on uneven terrain. These cabins are portable and quite useful when you need a temporary space that is protected from the elements.

If you’re wondering what jackleg cabins are used for, here are some of the ways they’ve been used to emulate other spaces:

Office Units

On remote construction sites, it’s quite common to use a jackleg cabin as an office. However, you can also add a cabin to a space where there are already offices, but not enough room for everyone, or as an add-on while a new level is being built. You can set up the office with everything, including computers, telephones, etc. to ensure everything runs smoothly, no matter where you are.


Need to feed people? A canteen is the perfect way to set up a dining room for multiple people. Whether you’re feeding the homeless or a work crew, there will be more than enough space for tables and benches. All you need to do is bring in the food.

Drying Rooms

For wet wood on a construction site, you’ll need an area to dry it out. These jackleg cabins can also be used as drying spaces, just as long as you have the necessary heat to eliminate the moisture. You may also want to set up fans to pull the moisture out of the air.


Temporary classrooms, either for schools or for on-site training, can be set up in jackleg cabins. These allow for enough space so that you can fit as many students as needed into the cabin, just choose the right size cabin. A screen or whiteboard may be hung on the wall for educational purposes, and you can move the classroom around as needed.

Meeting Rooms

Need somewhere to meet with your workers or project backers? If you don’t have a regular meeting room, a jackleg cabin can work very well. You may add chairs and a boardroom table, making the space more comfortable and convenient. There’s even room for a coffee machine and a table for snacks. If needed, you can include a screen or whiteboard for presentations.

Bunk Rooms

In some remote areas, it’s necessary to have your workers sleep on site. If this is the case, you can easily convert a jackleg cabin into a bunk room by adding beds. For just a few people, you can use regular beds with some lockers for personal belongings. If you’re crowded, then bunk beds will help make the best use of the space.

Jackleg cabins are incredibly versatile and should be considered whenever you need extra space.

If you’re looking for jackleg cabins or other portable buildings, contact Manchester Cabins. We offer a wide range of portable buildings for your needs.

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