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What Can You Expect from a High Quality Welfare Cabin?

Whether used at construction sites or remote events, welfare cabins are essential for providing staff with areas that offer them respite - be it toilet facilities, dining areas or even sleeping space. They also have the benefit of being easy to transport, which is what makes them especially suitable and useful for areas where there are no other buildings.

But, what makes a good welfare cabin? Read on below to learn more about what you should expect from a high quality welfare cabin, like those that we offer here at Manchester Cabins.

Welfare cabin


Welfare cabins aren’t solely meant to be a convenience, but they are also meant to be comfortable. This is why you should expect them to have all the general amenities that you would find in your home. Welfare cabins should have clean, running water that can be both hot or cold.

This is so that you have access to drinking water that can also be used to clean your hands or wash with - both of which are required to be provided by every workplace. Cups, soap and hand-dryers/towels must also be provided alongside this.

Next, electricity is also needed. There must be ample lighting and power outlets (which are especially important if any office work is required to be carried out) that are powered using a reliable electricity source.

Temperature control is also essential for ensuring maximum comfort. Most modern welfare cabins will, and should, include heating. This is paramount for employees that work in harsh conditions or simply work outside in the winter, providing them with an area of warmth for the sake of their health and wellbeing.

Fit for Purpose

Welfare cabins can be designed for various uses. For example, they may be used as office space, dining areas, toilets or even sleeping accommodation. As such, they must be designed to be fit for whichever purpose they are being used for.

Looking first at dining units, these must provide ample refrigeration space to keep food chilled and preserved, as well as facilities to heat food up. The best welfare dining units will include a microwave, hob and an oven. There should also be tables and seats to sit and eat, ideally with space to fit all employees (unless multiple cabins are being used, in which case each of these should add up to having enough space).

As for toilets, these should be lockable and remain stocked with sufficient amounts of toilet paper and soap. Sanitary waste bins should also be provided for any employees that may experience periods.

Finally, for sleeping cabins there must, of course, be enough beds to sleep all employees. Ample storage space should also be provided for their personal belongings, along with enough power outlets for each employee to charge their devices. If employees are required to sleep on-site, then shower facilities must also be provided.

Are you in need of welfare cabins for your business? We can provide you with modern, high quality dining and toilet units here at Manchester Cabins. As well as container hire in Manchester, we also offer anti-vandal units and portable service toilets. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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