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Weird and Wonderful Toilets Around the World

It’s a fact of life that everybody needs to relieve themselves. Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home’s bathroom, a portable loo at an event or even behind a bush when the desperate call of nature arrives, you can encounter different forms of toilets every day.

Like everything in life, toilets around the world are all very different. Whereas some public loos aren’t at all private and are highly communal in countries like China, other countries and communities don’t even have proper plumbing systems in place. However, in this blog, we’re going to explore those toilets that are weird and wonderful.

Mumin Papa Café - Akashi, Japan

Japan is famous for its technological advancements. From quirky inventions to fully functional robots, Japan also boasts incredibly sophisticated toilets, arguably the most sophisticated in the entire world. Of all the fancy buttons and multiple functions, a cafe in Akashi goes the extra mile with aquarium walls that make you feel like you’re underwater with fish watching you!

“Don’t Miss a Sec” - Basel, Switzerland

Created by artist Monica Bonvicini, this toilet named “Don’t MIss a Sec” is also known as the see-through loo. In the public restroom on the inside, you can see everything going on outside. However, the exterior is just a mirrored box and people walking by can’t see in at all!

Rolling Stones Lips - Germany and France

Found in various areas of both Germany and France, there are urinals that resemble The Rolling Stones open lips logo for gentlemen to use. Known as the Kisses Urinals, these were designed and installed back in 2,000 by Meike van Schijndel.

Sketch Restaurant - London, UK

Cited as “quite possibly the most beautiful restaurant in London” and frequently seen on best restaurant toilet lists, Sketch boasts the wackiest and most unique toilets in London, maybe even the whole of the UK. This restaurant is worth a visit just for the toilets alone. Each toilet pod resembles a futuristic, oversized egg or pod and are all placed in a sleek white room with bright tiles on the ceiling - looking exactly like something out of a sci-fi movie.


In space, it may be that no-one can hear you scream, but instead, everyone will be fascinated by the toilet systems. On spacecraft and space stations, you can find toilets that come complete with a suction toilet bowl as well as handlebars and a foot bar to hold yourself down onto the seat and to defeat the laws of gravity. Picture an aeroplane toilet but highly advanced and a lot more difficult and complicated to use!

At Manchester Cabins, we may not have anything wacky on offer, but our toilet solutions are reliable and high-quality. Whether you’re in need of multiple portable loo for a festival or toilet facility blocks for your upcoming construction project, we can provide you with easy to install and hygienic toilets today. Contact our team in Manchester for more information today.

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