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Ways to Use a Steel Storage Container

Steel shipping containers are becoming popular as an alternative form of living space, but there are quite a few alternative options for using these containers. They’re big and sturdy, so they’re ideal for a wide range of uses. Here are a few ways you can use a steel storage container.

Self-Hosted Storage Units

Need to store some items, but don’t trust storage facilities? You can do your very own self-storage by setting up a container in your garden and using it for storage.

Since these are so large, you’ll find that you can store everything from paperwork to furniture. The containers are waterproof and airtight, so your belongings will stay clean and well-preserved. You can keep the container as long as you need it once it is set up. For many people, putting furniture away while renovations are being done is an excellent way to use a container. You may also be staging your home for sale and tucking furniture and clutter away is a good way to ensure your potential buyers will be given the best impression. You may have other reasons to store your belongings, but no matter your reason, the ability to access it will always be right there.

Disaster Relief

Hiring a storage container is a good way to prevent more of your belongings from being destroyed by floods, wind, or other types of disasters. Salvage the items you can and move everything into the container. It will be safe there for the duration and you can focus on clearing out the house and preventing further damage. While you’re dealing with the disaster, your belongings will remain safely tucked away inside the container. In most cases, the cost of hiring a storage container will be covered by insurance if you have it.

Portable Clinic

Medical clinics can be set up nearly anywhere you like if you use a storage container for it. There’s enough space for everything you need to manage a basic clinic, either medical or dental. You can add another container if you need a space with beds for patients to lie down in, but the regular container is usually all that is necessary. Since a container can be placed anywhere you need it, an empty lot can easily be turned into a simple walk-in clinic if you get the right permissions.

Outside Office Space

You may need a little extra space in your home, but if you can’t currently do a renovation, a container can stand in nicely. It offers plenty of space for your desk and anything else you need to keep in the office. Add some light and set up your ideal space. While a container may not be what you want for the long term, it’s ideal for a temporary office. With the internet available, you should be able to easily convert your container into a cosy office where you’ll enjoy working. If you own the container, you may even consider cutting windows in the walls of it and putting up some finishing touches, such as shiplap in the interior and siding on the outside.

Seasonal Inventory Storage

If you run a business that offers different choices of product depending on the season, you’ll know how useful it is to have an extra area to store these items. For example, if you run a clothing store, bikinis don’t usually sell well during the winter, but coats certainly will. You can store the bikinis in the container until the swim season comes around again.

A container is the ideal size for keeping seasonal items out of the way for your business. Any business or shop that has seasonal products can use a container for this. If you sell online, it’s also helpful to have somewhere to use as your warehouse. With a container, you don’t even have to worry about finding somewhere with a space to use. Everything can be set up and stored in the container. You’ll want to add plenty of shelves to ensure everything stays neat and tidy.

With a large container as your warehouse, you will find that it is much easier to stock everything you need.


Food trucks are very popular these days, but there’s no reason to set one up as an actual truck. A storage container could be perfect for serving food and while it would be set in a permanent location, that’s a bonus, as people will know where to find you. Set up a few tables outside and open a serving window in the side of the container and you’re ready to start serving food. There are many options for decorating the container, but even a simple paint job can turn a basic container into an attractive diner. You just have to put your menu up on the wall and let people flock to you.

Extra Bedroom

A container can easily be converted into a spare bedroom or even suite that you can set up in your garden. Of course, you’ll need to know the regulations in your area before you do this, but if all is permitted, you’ll have an extra space. This is perfect for when you have guests coming or if you wish to have elderly parents or adult children live with you, but separately. Once the container has been refurbished, it can make a very nice extra room and may even have space for a bathroom and a sitting area if you like. The amount of space will depend on the size of the container you’ve chosen.


On remote construction sites, temporary living spaces must be set up and a container is the perfect way to provide shelter without getting into anything too permanent. These temporary shelters don’t need to be very complex, as they’re only for sleeping during the night. The rest of the time, the workers will be elsewhere.

In a long container, you can fit quite a few bunk beds, making it a cosy place to sleep while the job is being done. If you wish to make it a bit nicer, you may consider adding carpets and wall hangings, but again, it’s a temporary place to sleep, so it’s not absolutely necessary to add in more features.


Storage containers aren’t just for storing inventory. You can also convert one into a little store that could sell whatever you want. From snacks to clothing to electronics, you can set up a lovely shop with the right shelves and lighting. Consider adding solar panels on your container to increase your eco-friendliness and to ensure the interior stays well lit when anyone is inside. Whatever you’re selling should be highlighted with the proper lighting and that is made simple with solar panels.

Containers have many uses, as you can see. It’s up to you to get creative. A simple container can be painted or sided, giving it a completely different look. There’s no need to stick with a shipping container that looks like a cabin. If you’ve purchased it, then you can go ahead and design a whole new interior and exterior to create the look you want. If you don’t want to purchase a storage container for a temporary use, then you can simply hire it for the time you need it. This works well when using containers on remote worksites or for temporary clinics and classrooms. If you’re just using the container for storage while you finish renovating, you are better off simply hiring it, rather than purchasing one.

More and more people are using containers now and because they have so many uses, it’s not surprising. Some people have built homes from them, while others have completed bridges, hotels, and even movie theatres.

Are you in need of a storage container? Manchester Cabins offers containers for rent and for sale. Contact us today with your needs.

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