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Turn a Portable Cabin into an Airbnb

The world of vacation rentals is a unique one. Some people are looking for a nice house to stay in, but even more are looking for something a little quirkier. They want something unique, fun, and something special. You can meet all those requirements with a portable cabin.

Choose Your Cabin

The first step is to select the right cabin for the job. Do you want something that can fit more than one room or will this be an open space with everything in one area? The size of the cabin will determine just how much you can fit into it. If you’re marketing the place as a tiny studio flat, you really don’t need much space.

There are a few size options to go for, so look at how much space you have on your land, what the local bylaws are, and what size you feel would work best for your intentions.

Make a Plan

Your plan will help you turn a tiny space into something truly wonderful. You can use free design software to input your dimensions and then work out where the bathroom will go, how to set up the furniture, etc. It’s quite easy to manage, if you are creative.

Now you’ll have a good idea of where all the electrical lines will go, as well as the plumbing, so you can make the necessary arrangements.

Installing the Vacation Rental

Once you’ve purchased your vacation rental cabin, you need to install it. This usually means you’ll want to put down a concrete base for the cabin to rest on. Take into account that you will need to ensure all plumbing is already set up if you do this.

Finish Decorating

Most portable cabins are not very nice looking. To make this a rentable option for people, you’ll need to add siding outside and plasterboard on the inside. If the cabin has the traditional windows, you may need to replace these, as well.

Of course, there will be a wall for the bathroom and, if the space is large enough, also the bedroom area. You’ll also need to wire in the lights and outlets, as well as switches. You can then put the finishing touches on the space with curtains, carpet, and bedding.

List Your Property

Once you’ve finished all the details, take some lovely photos when the light is good and put them up on rental sites. You should be sure to decorate with flowers and bowls of fruit to make the home welcoming.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the people who come to stay.

Are you looking for a good jackleg cabin or portable building to convert? At Manchester Cabins, we have quite a few to offer. Take a look at our cabins for sale.

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