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Top Tips for Teaching in a Temporary Classroom

From time to time, schools and other education facilities must undergo construction and refurbishment works to make them safer and more modern. While these projects are usually confined to the school holidays, larger, more complicated refurbishments will likely spill over into term time. As a result, you may find yourself and your classes moved into a temporary classroom.

These are usually jackleg cabins that are furnished to replicate school classrooms, and while they are perfectly functional to teach in, that’s not to say that you and your students won’t need to adjust. Here we share our top tips for teaching in a temporary classroom and what to bear in mind:

Decorate it like a classroom

If your temporary classroom doesn’t look like a place of work, your pupils aren’t likely to concentrate as much as they usually would. Make sure you have a whiteboard, plenty of stationery, subject-specific wall decorations and a list of class rules and expectations hung up to remind your students where they are.

Make sure you establish a procedure for using the bathroom

If the school you work at is currently undergoing construction, the chances are your temporary classrooms will be situated away from the main buildings for safety reasons. This may, however, mean that your toilet blocks are not a stone’s throw away as they usually are. As a result, you will need to establish a procedure for students who need to use the bathroom mid-lesson.

For instance, you could create ‘bathroom badges’ for students to let other teachers know why they’re wandering around the school grounds, and could create signposts to make sure students can find their way.

Purchase plug-in fans or heaters

As cabin classrooms are only used as a temporary measure, you won’t have all of the same luxuries as your typical classroom would allow, such as air conditioning and heating. For this reason, your pupils may complain that the class is colder or warmer than usual.

To help you regulate the temperature within your jackleg cabin, it’s a good idea to purchase plug-in fans or heaters. However, it’s important to make sure you don’t leave them unattended.

Find ways to drown out the noise of construction

Your temporary classroom won’t be able to drown out the noise of all construction works completely, so make sure you have solutions to hand to make it easier to teach. For instance, you could purchase plug-in fans to keep it cool in the classroom while closing your windows to drown out noise pollution. Or, you could play peaceful music through a speaker to create a more ambient atmosphere for your students to enjoy.

If you’re in need of sturdy, secure and reasonably-priced jackleg cabins for your school or business, look no further than Manchester Cabins. Our cabins are each available as single or double-stacked units and can be modified to your requirements. For more information, get in touch with us at Manchester Cabins today.

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