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Top Reasons for Hiring Toilet Blocks for Your Wedding

If COVID-19 has put your wedding on hold and you’re re-planning your event or perhaps you’ve booked a date for later this year, then you may be considering an outdoor celebration. Festival-themed weddings and summer do’s are great, but make sure you have the toilet situation sorted!

Here are some of the top reasons for hiring portable toilets for your wedding.

You want to avoid long queues to the bathroom

Once the drinks start flowing, trips to the bathroom are going to be more frequent and the last thing you want is long ques. Alternatively, portable toilets give people the option of going inside or outside to use the loo so they’re not away from the dancefloor for too long!

You’re having an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings can be amazing especially if you’re lucky with the weather. But, if your location is somewhere like a farm, then you may not have toilet facilities and you can’t expect your guests to go without! A portable toilet is a practical necessity for outdoor weddings. They’re available in all sizes and can be neatly tucked away out of sight of the main celebration area.

They’re affordable

If you’re struggling to come up with a solution for the lack of toilets at your venue, portable toilets are a great option. They’re affordable and can be delivered and collected to your location very easily by the hiring company. Finding affordable options is always an advantage especially when planning a wedding on a budget!

You’ve invited a lot of guests

If your wedding is on the larger side, COVID permitting, of course, then portable toilets are an extra facility that can definitely come in handy. High-quality, clean portable toilets will keep your guests happy.

At Manchester Cabins, we have been providing hygienic, reliable and affordable toilet blocks to commercial and domestic customers throughout the North West and nationally. Delivered straight to your location, we offer a range of portable toiler blocks at affordable prices. Contact us today for more information.

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