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Toilet Blocks vs. Portable Toilets | Which Is Best for Your Worksite?

Every worksite needs access to a loo, even if the site doesn’t yet have full plumbing. For many years, portable loos were the only option and these are still a popular choice for many building sites. However, you have another choice, which is the toilet block. Is one better than the other? That depends on which features you’re looking at.

Portable Toilets

With a portable toilet, you can choose from one to any number of individual booths. Each of these contains a chemical toilet and a handwashing space. They do need to be regularly emptied and can become a little warm and smelly if not kept clean.

These portable toilets are ideal for short-term events, such as a music festival, destination wedding, or other events that will take place over a day or two. They may be used on construction sites, as well, but you’ll want to ensure they are regularly emptied. They’re completely self-contained and can be easily moved to the area needed.

Toilet Blocks

A toilet block is essentially a full public toilet with multiple stalls. It feels more like an actual toilet than a portable loo and is usually designed to be completely moveable. They are set up in a trailer or cabin that can be lifted into place and set up in nearly any location.

Toilet blocks work perfectly for long-term projects. They include proper plumbing and if there is no drainage on site, you can use waste tanks that sit below the block. Since the toilets are connected to water and include hot water from a boiler, you will find that this setup is easier to keep clean and is more hygienic, which is important these days in particular.

Which Is Best?

While both options are useful, they really do depend on the reason you need toilets in a remote location. For a quick and easy solution to toilets, portable loos are ideal. They are easy to place and can be cleaned and emptied as needed.

The toilet blocks are more comfortable and people will tend to prefer them. They do require more time and space to install but work well for longer projects, such as construction projects, summer fairs, and other events that will require toilets for several weeks or months.

Ready to choose some toilets for your event or project? Contact Manchester Cabins to learn more about your options. We’ll help you choose the perfect choice for your needs.

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