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Tips to Make Your House Cleaner at a Garden Party

When hosting a garden party there will inevitably be mess, whether that be food, drink or mud. Nevertheless, when hosting a garden party you want to ensure that the mess stays outside and doesn’t creep into your home. We understand that the task of cleaning the outside area will be a challenge, so it’s best to keep the inside area as clean as possible. At Manchester Cabins, we understand how much mess can be generated from a party, that’s why we pride ourselves on delivering the best outdoor toilet facilities for your garden party.

Here are just a few tips on how you can contain the mess outside and keep the inside of your home spotless during your garden party!

Inform your Guests

It might seem obvious, but advising your guests that you want your house to be clean will encourage them to be extra vigilant. It might be a good idea to inform guests to remove their shoes if they do need to enter the house, as this will remove the issue of any mud or grass from getting in. This is a much cheaper alternative than putting anything protective on your flooring and carpets too!

Limit Access To the House (To an Extent!)

Whilst you might not want to seem rude and unwelcoming, it might be a good idea to encourage guests to only enter the house if they really need something. It might be good to consider portable toilet hire, as not only does this mean that your guests have adequate toilet facilities, but it also keeps your house cleaner in the process! At Manchester Cabins, we are able to provide cost-effective portable toilet hire for your garden party. With over thirty-seven years of experience dealing with portable toilet hire, we can offer a whole host of different units to help with your garden party - no matter the size.

Supply Bins

Having different bins located around your garden party will not only decrease the amount of waste in your house but the garden too! Giving the guests the opportunity to dispose of their waste rather than leaving it on kitchen worktops and tables will make your life so much easier when it comes to the big clean. You should also keep an eye on providing new bins if the older ones start to become full.

When you are hosting a garden party with lots of guests, the last thing on your mind should be how you’re going to keep the inside clean as well as the garden. If you are looking for portable toilet hire to make your party run smoothly without any mess, then Manchester Cabins are the right company for you. We have the ability to provide portable toilets meaning your guests can have the best experience whilst you can focus on the finer details, like food and drink! If you are convinced that Manchester Cabins are the right team for you, get in touch with our team today!

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