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Tips for Transporting Containers

Updated: May 1

Sometimes, you just have too much to transport to risk using a regular lorry. If this is the case, you may need to use a container… but how do you transport it? The simplest way is to hire a transport company like Manchester Cabins, as they will handle the moving for you.

While the actual transport is handled, you’ll still need to secure your cargo and load the container for transport. Here are some of our best tips to help you do this safely and securely.

Check For Damage

Before you begin loading the cargo, you should inspect the container to ensure there is no obvious damage or defects. A damaged container may not be secure enough for your items. Whether you are providing the container or the shipping company, it must be inspected.

Don’t Leave Gaps

As you begin to load everything, keep in mind that there should be no gaps between items. If you do need some space, then be sure to fill it with appropriate packing products. Every space allows movement and this can result in damage to the cargo when the lorry is on the road.

It’s best to pack everything as tightly as possible and fill in any extra space with other products to prevent everything from bashing about when the vehicle is in motion. In most cases, the container will be lifted on and off the lorry by crane, so the movement can be rather intense.

Use Strapping

It’s a good idea to secure your cargo as well as packing it in tightly. This means you should aim to use cords or other securing straps to keep things from shifting around. There ought to be anchor points that you can attach these to. Be sure to use the same type of lashing for the cargo, as different ones may stretch or move differently.

Know Your Regulations

You will also need to review the regulations if you have anything that may go against them. Hazardous materials or sensitive ones should be checked before loading. You may need special permission to transport these from one area to another.

There are plenty of things to remember when planning to transport items by container, but it can be a much more efficient method of moving things across the country. Take the time to ensure you find the right company and then take steps to pack correctly.

Need information on container transport? At Manchester Cabins, we have years of experience. Contact us to learn more.

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