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Three Life Events Made Easier with Self Storage

Planning and organising a big life event can be both overwhelming and stressful - particularly if you’re tight on space. Below we take a look at three major life events that can be made far easier with self-storage solutions.

Moving home

Self storage can make moving house easier. Relocating can be a stressful experience; there is so much to organise, think about and physically move that it can become somewhat overwhelming. This is where self storage can come in handy.

Perhaps you need somewhere to store belongings or pieces of furniture while you decorate your new home, or maybe you simply need to get things that you do not use out of the way while you organise and pack up your old place. Using self storage during a house move will allow you to stagger items you move into your new home rather than having to unpack them all at once. It will also save you from having to live out of boxes for a good few weeks.

Birth of a baby

Awaiting the arrival of a little one is very exciting, and more than anything you will want to be prepared. The arrival of a baby also means the arrival of lots of new things: pushchairs, cots, toys, changing pads, playpens, clothes - the list is endless.

Making space and a new room for all of the new necessities can be difficult. Self storage can be a great solution for this; simply move all of the items and belongings that you do not use or will not need during this period and put them safely into storage. This will give you plenty of space to accommodate all of the extra baby items. It will also give you some space to store items that the baby grows out of that you may not want to part with.

Getting married

Getting married is another exciting life event that you need to be more than prepared for. A wedding can take months and months of planning and typically costs a lot of money. Before your big day you will want to have everything ready so that your day goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

Planning a wedding requires sourcing all sorts of items like table decorations, flowers, dresses and suits, invitations, wedding signage, chair covers, candles, guest books, toasting flutes - again, the list is endless. Invest in a self-storage container to keep all of these things safe and in one place during the run up to your big day.

Safely and securely store your possessions with Manchester Cabins

Here at Manchester Cabins we understand that certain life events can be somewhat stressful, which is why we provide reliable and affordable storage to make these times that little bit easier.

Whether you’re moving home, welcoming a new baby or tying the knot, sometimes you just need more space than you’ve got - which is where we come in. Our storage containers are all built with corrugated steel walls for maximum security and an anti-tamper steel padlock cover so that you can rest easy knowing your possessions are safe. For more information, visit our website today.

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