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Three Environmental Benefits of Storage Containers

In a time when the climate crisis is in full swing, finding sustainable solutions to everyday tasks and issues is something that is seen as the more favourable approach to take. This is especially so in the construction industry, which not only depletes natural resources, but can also be incredibly wasteful. One of the ways in which they can be more sustainable? By utilising storage containers.

Read on below as we list three of the environmental benefits of using storage containers in various settings.

Storage container

1. Reusability

Perhaps one of the key selling points of steel storage containers is that they are reusable. They can be useful without needing to be built from scratch, meaning they can be reused over and over for a variety of purposes. For example, they may be used in commercial settings to store excess stock, used at a self-storage facility or even used as a welfare cabin at a construction site.

Not only that, but they are also repurposable. Though they are intended for storage, these containers actually have a surprising abundance of different uses. Given their large size and strong composition, storage units are great for making modular buildings, for example, making them great spaces for creating alternative homes. Check out our blog on creative uses for storage containers to see some more ways they can be repurposed.

2. Reduced Emissions

Leading on from this idea of modular construction, repurposing storage containers in building work uses far less emissions than traditional construction methods - one study even found that factory produced homes (as is the way storage containers are produced) produce up to 45% less carbon emissions!

Not only that, but when using storage containers as site accommodation spaces on a functioning worksite, these then require less energy to operate. Due to their relatively compact size, less energy is required to keep electricity running at a high standard - especially if they’ve been insulated on top of this.

3. Durability

When it comes to not being wasteful, storage containers are certainly up there with a chance of being winners in this category. Being made from corrugated steel, they are incredibly strong and long-lasting - most will last for over 25 years, in fact. As such, they very rarely need to be replaced, meaning they can be reused time after time without the need to deplete resources and create high emissions from producing new containers.

If storage containers sound like they’d be a beneficial asset to your business, event or to suit your temporary needs, then speak to us here at Manchester Cabins. Though we specialise in storage container hire in Manchester, we also offer a range of portable buildings, including welfare cabins and portable service toilets.

Get in touch with us today for more information and to discuss your requirements.

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