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The Benefits and Uses of an Anti-Vandal Cabin

Security is always at the forefront of many decisions nowadays. People like to feel safe and they like their belongings, tools, workplace and more to be as secure as possible. And sometimes on worksites, that can seem like a difficult task. How secure can a workplace be? Well actually pretty secure as long as you take the right safety precautions, such as using anti-vandal cabins for your site.

But what is an anti-vandal cabin, and how can you benefit from utilising one? Read on to find out more and how anti-vandal cabins from Manchester Cabins Ltd are ideal.

Anti-Vandal Cabin

An anti-vandal cabin is best utilised on a worksite where strength and security are of the utmost importance. This could be for a number of reasons, such as valuable tools or materials that need to be stored on-site overnight, without any risk of theft. Another is the construction site is in an area where there is a heightened risk of vandalism and crime. An anti-vandal cabin is usually custom-built out of tough corrugated steel to prevent damage. If it has windows, it may also have steel covers for these windows, along with an insurance approved padlock.

An anti-vandal cabin can be used as a workspace, either for the team running the site to work out of or space for workers to gather for meetings. It could also be used as a breakroom if your site is somewhere without any adequate other shelters. Even in remote locations, you can expect access to electricity, powered by a 32A “Blue Plug” 2P + E Electrical connection where you can easily plug in appliances, as well as an oil-filled radiator or 2KW convector heater to keep warm in the colder months.

Anti-Vandal Offices Manchester

Now you know about the benefits and uses of an anti-vandal cabin, it’s time to arrange the hire and delivery of your new anti-vandal office today. For this, you should trust the experts at Manchester Cabins Ltd. We offer anti-vandal cabins in a range of sizes, including 10’ by 8’, 20’ by 8’ and 21’ x 9.6’.

They’re perfect for a worksite, manufactured and maintained in our own purpose-built facility in Manchester. If you’re looking to accommodate a large workforce with limited space, our 20’ by 8’ option can be stacked and then fitted with an access stairway. Take up the area of a single steel cabin, while doubling the area of the workspace.

So call now on 0161 684 3333 to request a free quote and arrange the delivery of safe anti-vandal cabins today. We’ll strive to drop your cabins off as soon as possible using our purpose-built wagons capable of dropping off 2-3 units per delivery. We don’t just offer anti-vandal cabins, so visit our website now to browse our full selection of portable buildings.

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