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Sourcing Reliable Container Hire In Warrington

Hiring a container may be the sensible decision if you’re moving house, require a temporary space to set up your items, or simply need that additional storage to help out your business. If you’re based in Warrington, and require such a temporary measure, there are likely many options - but which to settle for? Accounting for price, reliability and much more, trust Manchester Cabins Ltd to provide an extensive guide. Read ahead and take in all you need to know when hiring your short-term storage space in 2024.

storage container

Why Hire?

You may have considered purchasing a storage container and having it permanently located on your business premises - but is this really a sensible option? Hiring a shipping container on a temporary basis can be a cost effective solution for a start as it generally works out much cheaper than paying full price for a self storage unit. If you need the storage long term, contract terms can even be arranged to account for this, meaning you’ll never be left without the space you need.


There are other advantages of hiring too if you’re looking for that additional room. When it comes to security, shipping containers are very secure, as they are made of steel, and come with locking mechanisms. External security measures such as CCTV are left up to you, but can be easily fitted. The unit can provide space you need by representing a designated area with shelves and sections.

Local Reputation

Local reputation is a huge selling point, and you should only opt for Warrington storage container providers with an established reputation. At Manchester Cabins family owned and operated depot in Oldham, we convert shipping containers that have been built to withstand the rigours of ocean life into strong, secure storage containers, and are locally trusted as a result!


Our containers come in 2 sizes, 10ft and 20ft,  and can be delivered anywhere in the North West. Full height doors are fitted and we provide a returnable, insurance approved padlock with every container. floor plans and more specific storage details can be found on our website, while a quick Google search of our company should provide all the positive reviews and testimonials you need.

Assorted Uses

Adaptable to many tasks and industries, storage containers can be a valuable investment whether you work in construction, education, medical services, retail or even the energy sector. Commonly used for personal projects or to fulfil personal storage needs, these large secure spaces are efficient for home moves, as well as converting into resourceful retreats such as miniature offices, hobby rooms and personal workout areas.


Trusted for over 37 years and with an impeccable reputation, there's no reason not to choose Manchester Cabins Ltd with all of your portable building needs. Ultimately, we are your trusted portable cabin manufacturer, here to help you find the perfect portable building for your needs - simply call us today to find out more.



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