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Small Businesses That You Can Start From A Storage Container

Over the years people have become very inventive with upcycling and reusing storage containers for different purposes, like tiny homes or anti-vandal offices. Recently, small businesses have been opting for storage containers as a base for their start-up operations. Offering an affordable and robust temporary facility, storage containers are the perfect starting point for entrepreneurs wanting to start an enterprise on a budget!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of storage container hire and the types of business that can be run from a storage container.

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Why Run A Business From A Storage Container?


Setting up a business involves registering the company, paying taxes and ordering stock. This process can be costly and many expenses are incurred before you start making your money back. Storage container hire offers an affordable solution to save on renting or buying fees. By minimising spending costs, you’ll begin earning from your business sooner!

Move Location Easily

If your current location isn’t attracting enough customers, you can simply arrange for your storage container to be moved elsewhere. Being able to move your business’s location according to demand makes it easier to find clients.

Upgrade To A Bigger Facility

Storage container hire is extremely flexible making it simple to switch facilities. Once your business generates sufficient revenue to upgrade to a larger or more permanent facility, hiring the storage container is no longer necessary.

Who Can Run a Business From A Storage Container?

Food and Beverage Companies

Like fast food trucks, shipping containers are easy to deck out with serving hatches, plumbing, and electricity to prepare and serve food. When placed on high streets or outdoor venues, storage containers prove very popular for a bite to eat on the go.

Nail Salon

Nail salons don’t need large spaces since each technician only attends to one client at a time. Storage containers can be easily converted into nail salons by installing electricity and salon furniture like tables and chairs. Investing in simple home decor pieces like rugs and picture frames can create a homely touch that entices customers.

Pop-Up Clothes Store

Like pop-up vintage shops, which display their clothing at outdoor events, storage containers can work well as pop-up shops that store clothes away from the elements. Rails and shelves can be fitted to storage containers to hang clothes effectively and allow potential customers to browse easily.

Fitness Clubs

Storage containers are great for mobile fitness clubs that can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. They make it easy to move gym equipment outside when the weather is good and bring it inside when it rains.

Manchester Cabins

At Manchester Cabins, we offer a range of storage containers for hire in Manchester. Our containers are secure and robust, made from corrugated steel with full-height doors with locking bars for maximum security.

We offer two storage container sizes to choose from, 10′ x 8′ feet or 20′ x 8′ feet, to suit your storage needs.

For storage containers in Manchester, storage container hire in Manchester or anti-vandal offices in Manchester, contact our trusted and reliable team in Oldham.

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