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Six Ways Steel Storage Containers Could Benefit Your Business

If you run a business - either from a physical office or online - then you’ll know that storage space can be one of the most pressing problems faced by a company, especially if you find yourself rapidly expanding. Utilising steel storage containers is one way to solve your storage problems, and they can have many other benefits for your business too. From extra security for any valuable equipment, to a place to store extra stock, or even as an extra workspace, there a plenty of reasons why renting metal storage containers could do wonders for your business. If you want to know more about how they could benefit you, read on for our handy guide below.

An affordable business location

If you’re a smaller business or start up, then you may not have the funds to rent an office space or building each month, especially if you’re just starting out. Running a business from a shipping container is a convenient, affordable option for many smaller businesses, and it’s much cheaper than working from a traditional permanent unit.

The portability of storage containers can also save businesses money on interior decorating too; any furniture, light fittings or equipment you buy can simply be kept inside the container and moved to another location. This saves money spent on decorating a new office, only to find you have to move locations after a few months and leave all the fresh paintwork and lights behind.

Storage containers offer a great ‘stepping stone’ location for young businesses, especially in cities like London where office rental prices can be sky high. Using a storage container allows you to save money and grow your business before moving to larger, permanent location.

A place to store stock

If you run a retail business supplying products to customers, then having somewhere safe and secure to store your stock will be of the utmost importance. This can be especially important if you run an online business or work from home, and may not have space in your property or garage to store everything you need.

Hiring a shipping container to store your stock ensures your home or office space isn’t cluttered, and you gain a secure area to store all your stock in one place. Storage containers come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements, from large storage containers, to smaller more portable units.

Most also offer 24/7 access within a CCTV covered and floodlit site for extra peace of mind, so you can gain access to your stock safely at any time of day.

Extra security

By nature, steel storage containers are highly secure, durable and long-lasting. Metal containers are far more durable than their plastic counterparts, and can be relocated many times without sustaining significant damage. As long as you stick to the recommended weight capacity, there’s no reason that the containers can’t be moved time and time again with no issue. Many steel storage containers were previously used as shipping containers for marine transportation, so they’re extremely durable and come with corrugated steel walls for maximum security.

Steel containers such as the range from Manchester Cabins also come with many additional security features, such as full height doors with locking bars, anti-tamper steel padlock covers and insurance approved padlocks.

The strength of metal containers also makes them extremely difficult to break into, so you can rest assured that any items you store for your business are well protected. Many metal containers are welded and sealed together, making it impossible for thieves to break into the container using ordinary tools such as hammers or wrenches. Storage containers also come equipped with heavy duty padlocks which are incredibly difficult to break, and they’re stored in areas with additional security features such as 24 hour CCTV, security guards, and coded-access gates for the area itself.

They’re portable

Being able to move your office or storage space around can save you and your business money, and they offer excellent value for money too. Portable storage containers are especially useful if your business is in hospitality, as they allow you to move a pop up bar or restaurant to several different locations, therefore growing your customer base.

Having access to a portable base for your business also allows you to travel to festivals, networking events, business fairs, or anywhere else that offers the chance to engage with new customers and business owners. Having a ready made office, pop-up shop or workspace takes the hassle out of transporting everything you need in boxes or by car each time you need to attend an event. It’ll save you time too - no need to spend hours setting up a stall each time if everything you need is already in the storage container.

A convenient workspace

Storage containers make a surprisingly stylish and convenient workspace for small businesses, and they suit many different types of business; from a pop-up shop to exhibition space, food truck, bar or office. If your business is in retail, then shipping containers can be just as suitable as a permanent building, and they can be styled in an eye-catching way to draw in customers. Storage containers are also eco-friendly, which is a very attractive prospect in today’s climate.

Many storage containers remain in shipping yards or warehouses being unused, so transforming one into a shop, office or food vendor is a great way to make the most of these items. Containers can be up to 40 feet long, so there’s also a lot more room to play with than you might expect. Storage containers can also be converted to contain all the mod cons you need; including lighting, electrical outlets, phone lines and anything else required.

You don’t need planning permission

Most container based businesses are considered temporary, which means that you don’t need planning permission in most cases. You’ll still need to check with your local council, but in the majority of cases, storage containers can be moved easily from location to location without the need for planning permission. This means you can afford to be flexible with where your business is based, and move locations to reach a wider customer base.

They also make a great temporary option if your existing business location needs an upgrade; for example if you’re remodelling a restaurant kitchen or refitting an office, but can’t afford to have your business cease trading during this time.

Manchester Cabins - Convenient and affordable storage container hire

If you’re looking for secure, reliable and cost effective storage containers for your business in the North West, get in touch with Manchester Cabins. Our steel storage containers come in two sizes; 10 foot and 20 foot, and offer a safe, convenient place to store your excess stock, set up a temporary office or manage your pop-up business. As stated above, all of our steel storage containers come with a range of security features, and many units are ex-shipping containers (previously used for marine transportation), so you can be sure that they’re of the highest quality.

We also offer a further range of portable buildings to suit your needs, including jackleg cabins, toilet blocks and cabins for sale, if you’d prefer to purchase a unit on a permanent basis. For more information about any of our products, container hire, or to arrange a no obligation free quote for any of our portable containers or storage buildings, give us a call today or visit our website to fill out a simple online form.

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