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Six Uses for Your Jackleg Cabin

Want to make the most of your jackleg cabin? In this helpful guide, we provide expert insight into five essential applications for jackleg cabin hire, from temporary accommodation to first aid rooms and more.

Temporary Office/Classroom

An ideal solution for temporary accommodation when work is being carried out on your commercial premises, a jackleg unit can be utilised as both a temporary classroom for students at school or university, as well as a temporary office for your business during essential rebuilds, remodelling or refurbishment is taking place. It’s important that during construction work, there remains a quiet, safe space for students or employees to be educated or work effectively.

Entirely insulated, at Manchester Cabins, all of our jackleg cabins are insulated sufficiently, allowing for year-round usage, without the need for extra blankets!

Pop-Up Kiosks/Ticket Booths

Should you be running an event, you may want to consider setting up a pop-up kiosk or ticketbooth, to provide customer information and have a designated location to sell your tickets. Whether it’s a festival, fête or fundraiser, a jackleg cabin is an ideal, practical and cost-effective solution to handle customer traffic, answer queries and even offer vital services such as first aid or lost and found.

First-Aid Room

As suggested, when running an event, it’s important to have access to first-aid facilities on site, to protect the health of employees and visitors alike. With experienced first-aiders on site, operating from their very own facility, incidents can be dealt with in a safe, efficient and sanitised environment. Jackleg cabins are ideal here, operating as a fully-insulated space where first equipment can be stored and patients can be treated.

Kitchen Facilities

At Manchester Cabins, our jackleg cabins are highly versatile, and can be suitably modified with a whole host of optional extras, such as stainless steel sinks, worktops and kitchen appliances, making them an ideal choice for temporary kitchen facilities. Easy to maintain and clean, all our jacklegs cabins are fitted with wipe-down plastisol coated steel, on both the external and internal surfaces.

Looking for jackleg cabin hire in Manchester? At Manchester Cabins, the design of our jackleg cabins draws on over 37 years of experience manufacturing and hiring portable accommodation. All our portable buildings are dependable, cost-effective and versatile, capable of suiting a wide range of situations and applications. For reliable container hire services, get in touch with our team today.

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