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Reasons to Choose Anti-Vandal Cabins

Anti-vandal cabins are a great option for areas where you need secure storage or space for the office. Security is a big concern for building sites, welfare buildings, and other spaces.

These cabins feature extra protections against burglars and vandals.

Why Use An Anti-Vandal Cabin?

Still not sure if you need one of these higher security cabins? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people choose them.

Protective Perimeter

If there is no wall or high-security fence around the site, you run the risk of your buildings being broken into. Without security in place, you’ll need extra protection around your belongings and site information.

Without proper security, items can be easily lifted. It’s very important to ensure your company’s safety. You’ll find that it can be difficult to get insurance claims approved if there’s a lack of protection for your belongings.

Keep Items Safe

Is your office on-site? You need to prevent important documents and records from being stolen. Often, there are computers and other types of equipment in the office, which will also be attractive to burglars.

If you have storage on site, you’ll also need to protect your valuable equipment. Many projects require expensive tools and equipment and these will need to stay on site until they have been used to complete the project.

You Have Options

There are a number of different designs for anti-vandal cabins, so you can find something that will suit your needs. They come in several sizes, including two-storey buildings for all your storage and office needs. You can use them as a portable canteen or even sleeper cabins. With a variety of layouts, your site will be functional and safe.

Why are anti-vandal cabins so useful? They’re designed to be tough enough to resist most common burglar tools. They use strong corrugated steel to make it next to impossible to get into the cabins. Those with windows have extra security to ensure your building remains sealed when you’re not there.

The doors lock with padlocks that are insurance approved, to make certain the building is as secure as possible. If you do need additional security for other equipment, you can use extra cabins on site. We can deliver up to four at a time on one lorry.

Need anti-vandal cabins installed at your worksite? Contact Manchester Cabins today to learn more.

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