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Portable Toilets: Where to Put Them

Portable loos are the perfect option for any event or worksite where you don’t have access to regular toilets. However, they can’t be placed just anywhere, so how do you choose a good location?

Look for a Flat Area

You don’t ever want to put a portable toilet on uneven ground, as they could tip over. Even if the cabin doesn’t completely tip, it can be unstable, which will cause people to become nervous about using it.

Since the ground often isn’t completely flat, consider grading an area specifically for the toilets or even lay down a concrete area if you plan to use them for a longer period of time. This is best if you have another building that will be put up once the regular toilets are built for the project, or if it’s an event area where you will frequently work.

Check for Access

The delivery driver should be able to get to the area easily to drop off the portable toilets. It should also be an area where users will have easy access. For a construction site, for example, you need the toilets near the office, while a fairground will require toilets set at intervals throughout.

Check with the portable toilet company to find out the truck reach, which refers to the length of the hose for emptying the toilets. Keep the final location within reach of a driveable space.

Look for Protection

Wind can be a challenge for portable toilets, so it’s best to shelter them. This may mean setting the cabins against a fence or a wall or otherwise securing them. You may also wish to place them between buildings or other structures to help keep them from being pushed over.

However, don’t place the toilets too close to building entrances or people may find the building or structure to be less desirable.

Make Them Visible

The location for the portable loos should be visible. Whether you’re using them for a festival or a construction project, it’s best if people don’t have to guess where the toilets might be. This requires finding a place where the toilet is protected and on level ground.

If you have a larger piece of land or a number of buildings that could block the view, be sure to place plenty of signage so no one has to wonder where the toilets might be.

Still not sure where to place your portable toilet? Talk to Manchester Cabins about the best place for it. We’re ready to help you find the perfect placement for your property or site.

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