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Portable Toilets: The Surprisingly Green Waste Solution

Most of us will have used a portable loo at some point in our lives, whether at a festival, camping or on a construction site. When you think of portable toilets, I’m sure sustainability wouldn’t be the first word that springs to mind. But the truth is they’re actually an extremely sustainable human waste solution!

Read on to discover the 5 reasons portable toilets are an environmentally-friendly option!

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Conserving Water

Permanent traditional toilets use around 1.5 gallons of water each time you flush while portable toilets use only a fraction of this! Portable service toilets help conserve water by using chemicals to break down waste instead of flushing it away. This sanitary method of waste disposal is a lot more sustainable because it significantly reduces water consumption which is extremely beneficial in areas with frequent water shortages.

Waste Management

Traditional toilets dispose of their waste via sewage pipes which tend to overflow with heavy rainfall, releasing waste into bodies of water and the ground. This can have disastrous effects on the health of local wildlife. Mobile restrooms take a more pragmatic approach to waste management, human waste is securely contained in each portable toilet until it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Improved Public Health

Portable toilet hire plays a vital role in improving public health by enabling access to hygienic and sanitary toilets and washing facilities. Portable loos have well-contained waste solutions that help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases and water pollutants by using chemicals to kill harmful bacteria in human waste.

Reduced Materials

Temporary service toilets can be produced using recycled plastic and last up to 30 years, making it a sustainable solution that does not require a lot of natural resources. Portable toilet hire uses self-contained toilet facilities that don’t require invasive plumbing, unlike traditional toilets which cause disruption to land ecosystems.

Fewer Odours

A big positive about portable loos is their ability to control odours. Portable toilets are designed to trap odours inside to prevent the attraction of flies and insects. Likewise, odour-neutralising chemicals are used alongside bacteria-fighting chemicals to minimise foul smells, making the experience more pleasant for all.

Manchester Cabins

At Manchester Cabins, we’re proud to supply and install hygienic and affordable sanitation solutions in the Greater Manchester area. We offer a range of portable building solutions from storage containers to service toilets and welfare cabins with modern pump-operated recirculating toilets

Are you planning an event or organising a site that needs portable washrooms or welfare cabins? Our temporary toilet blocks and washroom cabins reduce water consumption, improve sanitation and protect surrounding wildlife.

For more information, call Manchester Cabins at 0161 684 333 or contact us online today!

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