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Portable Buildings: The Options for Construction Companies

Portable buildings can improve efficiency, safety, and worker satisfaction on construction sites. There are many types of portable buildings, each with different functions, from secure storage to basic amenities for staff.


This blog post will highlight the different types of portable buildings available and the key considerations when deciding what your company requires.

The Different Types of Portable Buildings

Storage Containers

Storage containers are used to store tools, equipment, and materials in a safe location. Made from durable steel, containers are weatherproof with lockable doors to protect valuable equipment and materials from theft and weather damage.

Anti-Vandal Offices

Anti-vandal offices offer secure office or accommodation spaces that are resistant to vandalism. Reinforced construction, anti-vandal doors and windows and secure locking systems create a safe and secure environment for offices or living quarters and minimise damage.

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets provide vital sanitation facilities equipped with flushable toilets and sinks. These can be placed around construction sites according to need and maintain compliance with health and safety regulations.

Welfare Cabins

Welfare cabins provide living facilities for workers and can be equipped with amenities such as kitchens, washrooms, and seating areas. Good living conditions ensure compliance with welfare regulations and improve worker satisfaction by offering comfortable rest and eating areas.

Jackleg Cabins

Jackleg cabins are versatile, temporary spaces that can be used as offices or accommodation units. Adjustable steel legs enable the building to be erected on uneven ground. Jackleg cabins are highly flexible and can be adapted for various uses, are easy to relocate, and can be set up quickly.

Considerations for Choosing Portable Buildings

Project Scope and Duration

For short-term projects, cost-effective and quick set-up solutions like portable toilets and basic storage containers tend to suffice. For long-term projects or permanent installations, invest in more durable and comfortable options such as welfare cabins and anti-vandal cabins to enhance worker satisfaction and site security.

Security Requirements

In areas with security risks, anti-vandal cabins and secure storage containers provide valuable protection of assets and prevent damage and vandalism. In low-risk areas where crime is uncommon, standard portable buildings are adequate.

Staff Welfare

Employers must provide all workers access to basic amenities, such as toilets and rest areas. For projects where workers may have long hours or spend extended periods away from home, consider welfare cabins that offer high-quality living quarters with dining areas, showers, and bedrooms.


If your budget is limited, portable buildings that cover basic needs and storage, including toilets and storage containers, should be prioritised. Investing in premium, durable buildings like anti-vandal cabins and fully-equipped welfare cabins is beneficial for those with a less restrictive budget. In the long run, your investment can reduce maintenance costs and improve employee satisfaction.


At Manchester Cabins, we offer a comprehensive range of portable buildings, ideal for short-term or long-term construction projects. For storage containers, anti-vandal offices, portable toilet hire or more in Manchester, Preston and beyond, call us at 0161 684 3333 today!

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