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Portable Buildings | How to Improve Your Construction Site

Construction sites are interesting places. Often, they’re densely populated with contractors and managers of all kinds, with the movement of heavy materials expected daily. Despite this varied day-to-day life, working on a large project, sometimes in wet or cold weather, can feel tiresome. It’s hard work getting done what needs to be done. This is why the best site managers tend to pre-empt the needs of those working under them and make sure every provision is accounted for.

Portable buildings are a crucial part of that plan. Of course, they can provide shelter and protection to your staff when they need it. Jackleg cabins, for example, are a great place to eat lunch comfortably between work shifts. Let’s consider how else portable buildings will improve the morale on your construction site:

Clean, Private Toilet Spaces

Portable toilets, regularly maintained, will be one of the most essential provisions on your building site. Certain sites may have dozens or even over one hundred staff members working on the premises, and so large queues and even disagreements may occur if the toilet facilities haven’t been organised in advance.

A row of private and professional portable toilets ensures your staff are able to practice essential hygiene throughout the day. They can be easily transported, stored, and maintained. It’s clear to see how this can alleviate tension or simplify the logistics you would have otherwise had to plan out. One thing is for sure - you don’t want to leave this until the last minute.

Office Spaces

The organisation of documents, blueprints, and other necessary paperwork is of fundamental importance, but on a construction site finding adequate space to care for that is difficult.

This is why having a separate Jackleg cabin (or a multitude of them) will help you situate comfortable office spaces that can be laid out as you deem fit. With room for tables and chairs, you can easily make a comfortable seating space where a site manager can orchestrate daily matters and work through unexpected developments with clarity.

Such a private and curated space will also allow a comfortable environment for essential meetings, such as when site inspectors or owners come to visit. As these buildings can be locked securely, you can also keep sensitive or necessary documents or computing devices safe as you attend to the site outside. As mentioned above, a Jackleg cabin can also be a good place to store and provide high-visibility jackets, tools, or a relaxed space to eat lunch.


The storage of materials in a secure space overnight can be achieved with steel storage containers. These containers are incredibly secure and reliable, with anti-tamper locks. They also have a great deal of internal space you can use to carefully store certain raw materials and carry them out carefully and safely.

This is ideal for large construction sites where the management of raw materials in weather-proof environments is key. You can imagine how much more relaxed and capable your contractors feel when having access to the goods they need is rarely delayed or conflicted.

Manchester Cabins are the premier provider of portable cabins and structures of all kinds. Our product library and services are perfect for construction sites, events, and any other logistical plan you have in mind. Feel free to contact our friendly team today!

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