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Popular Uses For Storage Containers In 2023

Ever considered using a storage container to stash away essentials, temporarily move objects prior to a relocation or do something more creative with the space? We’ve heard from plenty of business owners and individuals over the years, who have found much-needed usage for such a utility, as well as an outlet for their creative ideas. From storage sheds in the garden, to pop-up stores with a premium of space, let Manchester Cabins Ltd take you through some of the very best ideas.

Packing boxes

Stashing Excess Items

Above all else, storage containers are adaptable. To create the exact space you want, all you need is a little creativity and the appropriate materials - just be sure to use a high-quality shipping container from Manchester Cabins to get a solid base for your newest bespoke storage space! Shipping containers can be a great way to protect furniture, electronics, office supplies, and any other items from damage, dust, and debris while an office or commercial property is being renovated. You can avoid the hassle of moving numerous items to temporary or rental office space by storing unused items in a container.

Business Start-up Space

Without an office space, it can of course be difficult for new entrepreneurs to get their business off the ground. For office and workshop space, storage containers can be easily rented, and using shipping containers may help you get by for the first year or two before you move onto a larger dedicated space. Shipping container start-ups have many advantages over conventional retail locations, and the benefit of operating a shop out of a shipping container is that you can go where your target customers are.

Sheds And Workshops

Although effective, wooden garden sheds have a tendency to rot over time and can sustain damage from extreme weather. Corrugated steel on the other hand, is incredibly strong and resilient, and is used to construct storage units. Your collection of gardening tools and other equipment will fit in your hired unit without a problem - perfect for storing big tools and equipment, fitted with strong floors that are made to support heavy loads. Looking for a workshop conversion? A storage unit may be ideal for this too.

Event Stands

Storage containers make a good temporary event site because they’re easy to remove and set up with the use of a vehicle, also being weather-proof and exceptionally sturdy compared with other portable structures and event tents. Self-storage units from us are available in a wide range of sizes, and rental contracts can cover both short and longer terms of storage.

At Manchester Cabins, we make the process of hiring a portable cabin as stress-free as possible, handling both transportation and retrieval! Modern and multifunctional, we don’t use subcontractors - to guarantee that you will always receive the highest level of service. Contact the team at your earliest convenience for additional information.

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