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Multi-Functional Cabins: The Uses at Family-Friendly Events

Family-friendly events require careful planning to ensure guests of all ages have a positive experience. Whether at a summer fair or a family-friendly festival, events must meet the needs of families with young children. Multi-functional cabins are an excellent solution for providing versatile spaces that cater to various needs throughout the event.


This blog post will outline how to use cabins effectively to create a seamless experience for families with young children.

Changing Areas and Toilets

Portable toilets are intended to accommodate one person at a time, making them cramped for parents who must enter with young children. Spacious, family-friendly service toilets with changing tables are necessary to give parents enough space to change nappies and assist their children to use the bathroom facilities.

Napping Areas

In their early years, children require several naps a day. Parents often struggle to find a quiet place for children to lie down at events. Cabins can be transformed into designated napping areas with seating for parents and soft furnishings like cushions and blankets for children to nap during the day without needing to leave the event.

Nursing Rooms

Storage containers with seating areas can provide the perfect solution for nursing rooms. Breastfeeding mothers may prefer to feed their children in a private space where they can sit down and get comfortable.

Play Areas

Storage containers can be decorated with fun colours and decorations to create playrooms with themes such as a rainforest, farm or space. These areas could be set up by age categories, with age-appropriate toys and games to entertain children.

First Aid

When children are playing or running around, accidents are likely to happen. That’s why having a designated first-aid cabin is critical. Containers or cabins are the ideal base for medical professionals to store their medical supplies and treat patients.

Workshop or Activity Zones

Storage containers work as excellent stations for workshops or activity zones. Each container could have different activities, such as crafts, drawing, or cooking. This enables families to rotate between stations and enjoy what the event has to offer while keeping an eye on their little ones.

Shelter from Weather

Even in summer, the weather can be unpredictable. If the weather takes a turn, containers can provide a well-needed shelter from the rain. On particularly hot or sunny days, parents want to limit their child’s sun exposure to prevent sunburn. Containers provide essential shade from the sun and enable them to keep playing out of direct sunlight.

Manchester Cabins

At Manchester Cabins, we provide commercial hire of storage containers, cabins and service toilets in Manchester and the surrounding areas. If you are planning an outdoor event, we can provide space solutions to create family-friendly facilities that encourage young families to attend and enjoy your event.


For storage containers, container hire or service toilets in Manchester, get in touch with us today.

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