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Managing Portable Toilets in Bad Weather

Placing portable loos is a science in itself, but when you have some difficult weather, it becomes more complex. Ideally, your rental company will worry about where to place the toilets, but you should have a good idea of the location before they arrive.

Avoid Wind

You should always place portable toilets in an area where they will not be likely to blow over with strong winds. This is particularly important if there is a storm coming. The best option is to place the toilets next to a wall or fence that can support them when the wind comes.

Some toilets may be staked down to prevent the wind from blowing them around, but it’s still a good idea to provide a windbreak if possible.

Add Platforms

If there’s a lot of rain or snow coming down, you may find it helpful to raise the portable toilets a little. The platform will help keep the toilets out of the water and mud, while also providing a small space in front of the toilets to reduce mud. You will need to place a drainage mat or a metal or plastic grid in front of the door to allow for drainage. Rinse it frequently to prevent mud build-up.

Using a platform will help reduce the amount of mud that makes it inside the loo. Less mud means a better experience for those using it and it also means less cleaning.

Provide Shelter

People often queue up outside the toilets, but if it’s pouring rain, that can be a rather uncomfortable experience. To keep everyone as comfortable as possible, look at setting up a tarp or awning not only over the toilets but over the waiting area. People will find it more comfortable to wait this way.

An additional touch that can make a big difference is to leave a place to put umbrellas while someone uses the loo. By keeping the umbrella outside, you eliminate a lot of wetness that would otherwise be shaken around the interior of the toilet.

Create Walkways

Trudging through puddles and mud is not the best experience for your event. If you want people to reach the toilets easily and without soaking their feet, you should add walkways. These may be as simple as setting out wide boards that lead to the toilet area. However, there are also raised mats that you can purchase to provide drainage, traction, and space to walk between areas of the event.

Toilets are a necessary part of any event, but if you’re facing bad weather, you’ll need to work a bit harder to make them work for people. The tips here should help and you can also contact us at Manchester Cabins to learn more about our options for helping people enjoy your event.

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