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Make Remote Work Site Cabins Homier

If you’re working on a remote work site, you’re likely to stay in a portable cabin that will keep you housed. While these cabins work well for their purpose, they can be a little dull when they’re your home for months on end. How can you make your portable cabin shelter more interesting and comfortable? We have some tips for you.

Bring Something from Home

Nothing will make a space feel like home like something from home. It doesn’t need to be big, but even a photo of your family or a special pillow can help you settle in faster. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable in your new, temporary home. What just says “home” to you? Bring that.

Use Quality Bedding

It may be tempting to just use a sleeping bag while you’re in a remote area, but this will be uncomfortable after a while. There’s something homey about having sheets and a comforter, so consider bringing a few extra items with you and making certain you’re quite comfortable while staying in camp.

Add Some Light

The right lighting can transform any space into somewhere you actually want to be. While the temporary cabins usually come with a simple light or two, there’s something to be said for hanging cheesy flamingo party lights or dangling a party globe from the ceiling. It will instantly make the environment more interesting. You may also want a mini lamp to keep by your bunk.

Bring a Polaroid

A Polaroid or other instant camera will give you plenty of opportunities to snap photos around camp and get shots of all the fun. Hang these up on the wall of your temporary cabin and you’ll have memories for years to come, as well as décor for the moment.

Alternatively, you can snap pics on your phone and use a mini thermal printer to print out the ones you like best. They will be in black and white, but that just means great continuity throughout the space.

Add a Welcome Mat

Be sure to let everyone know they’re welcome by putting a simple welcome mat down outside. You can pick one up in a dollar store, but the effect will be impressive. It instantly renders the whole cabin cheerful. When combined with everything else on this list, you’ll rapidly find that your simple space feels like a home away from home.

Temporary cabins are a way of life on remote worksites, but that doesn’t mean they need to be dull and cold. You can quickly make your space a home if you really want to.

Looking for quality portable buildings in your area? Manchester Cabins knows what you need and has it ready to take wherever you need it. Contact us today to book yours.

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