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Key Reasons To Consider Portaloo Hire For Your Event

Concerts, gatherings and events are some of the very best occasions to meet new people and socialise, be it an intimate get-together or a large community celebration. Aside from gazebos, tables, chairs and other furniture, portaloos are one of the most essential investments - and you can even make savings by hiring instead of going for an outright purchase. Make an informed decision today, and read ahead for an overview of the key reasons to consider portaloo hire, courtesy of Manchester Cabins Ltd.

Small portable toilet

Convenience And Access

Convenient and accessible for your particular needs, hired portaloos are practical for events because stakeholders don't have to commit to having a permanent block constructed. They are only necessary for the duration of an event, and particularly appealing, you won't have to worry about maintaining and storing again after this. Simple to erect and move, maintenance is also incredibly simple - and it takes much less time to keep these clean than a typical toilet. Browse Portable Toilet options for all occasions.


Our portable toilets are extremely compact and durable, while most importantly, they can be placed wherever is most appropriate. You can hire a wide variety of portable toilets from us, and because of all the advantages they provide, renting portable restrooms is a necessity for any outdoor event planner. Please get in touch with us if you need to rent portable restrooms for your gathering. We're confident that we can give you the advice and recommendations you need.


Building a permanent loo would be a much more expensive option than simply renting a portable one, especially if this is for a temporary event. Due to the short duration of the majority of community events and concerts, a sensible solution is to assess circumstances and hire depending on your needs at the time. More lavatory facilities would be required for a larger event, which would drive up the cost of the event dramatically, but we can come up with a satisfactory deal for you. Manchester Cabins ensure that finding a secure, reliable and cost effective solution to event hygiene and convenience is seamless.

Comfort And Hygiene

Restrooms require routine maintenance, including cleaning. You can uphold strict standards of cleanliness and hygienic conditions for your attendees by keeping their temporary portaloo in a good condition. If you have more well-maintained restrooms, lines will move quickly, improving hygiene and the overall flow of the event.

As a family business Manchester Cabins are dedicated to providing simple, straightforward and affordable hire solutions to assorted clients and customers. Established in 1979, our family run company continues to provide businesses and communities throughout the North West with the very best in portable building solutions. Contact us at your convenience - we would be happy to help.

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