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Jackleg Cabins and their 4 Primary Business Uses

Jackleg cabins are a brilliant temporary facility option for many businesses. As this guide will demonstrate, they can be used as alternative workspaces, like kiosks and ticket stalls, as temporary kitchen facilities, and as first aid facilities. This broad range of uses derives from their customisability, portability, and security.

With that in mind, here are their four primary business uses:


Because jackleg cabins are much more durable and insulated than standard storage containers, this makes them appropriate to be used as office and classroom facilities. Adding to this, they can be layered and created into a storied building which means that expansion is a simple process, which is ideal for schools and offices, which may alter in layout and size regularly.

Opting to rent or buy a jackleg cabin from a company like Manchester Cabins means that customisation is on the cards - kitchens, worktops, and mounted kettles can be installed for a more suitable workplace in the medium to long term.

Kiosks and ticket stalls

There are two main reasons why jackleg cabins are an appropriate option for companies who use kiosks and ticket stalls. Once again, because customisation is an option, a cabin can be made to fit your specific requirements - perhaps you’d like there to be a large open flap on one side or maybe you’d prefer there to be two doors to create a one-way system.

The second reason is their security. Any equipment which is needed can be safely secured inside the cabins themselves. This is because they all come with solid external doors which are secured by a Yale security lock, as well as wire mesh window guards.

Kitchen facilities

For the above reasons, jackleg cabins are also suitable to be used as kitchen facilities. Not only are they customisable but they’re also more secure, so you can rest assured that your kitchen equipment won’t get tampered with. That these cabins are fully suited to electrical wiring and fire safety make them ideal as temporary kitchen facilities, rather than cooking in a tent or a steel container.

Customisation at Manchester Cabins includes the option of a stainless steel sink which can be incorporated into your design along with any other requirements you may have.

First aid facility

Jackleg cabins are also very useful as first aid rooms. Their portability means that they are suited to events venues like tours and festivals, where their transportation is a primary factor. Inside, the cabins can also be divided into booths to provide privacy and hygiene, both for customers and workers alike. Similar to the points made regarding kitchen facilities, that they have the option to include a sink and that they are fully suited to electrical wiring only increases their applicability.

It should now be clear that jackleg cabins are a very versatile space and that they provide a range of benefits to multiple business sectors. For more information on jackleg cabins, portable toilets, and storage units, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Manchester Cabins today - a NEBOSHH qualified, family-owned and operated business for over 37 years!

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