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Improving Security For Your Portable Office

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

A portable office may be the ideal solution if you’re looking to establish a business presence, but don’t want to deal with the extortionate prices of hiring a dedicated space within an existing building. Not only will a portable office prove affordable and more than large enough to stash essentials while working remotely, but you can even decide to move if and when you please. Safeguard employees and technology by improving the technology within your portable office cabin, with everything from location choice to CCTV access worth considering.

CCTV cameras

Keep It Under Lock And Key

As obvious as it may seem, keeping your workspace under lock and key is the very best way to keep it secure, and the anti-vandal protection offered by Manchester Cabins is ideal. Thoughtfully secured with an insurance approved padlock, these tough units are as convenient as they are durable. If you have site space restrictions, the bulky 20′ x 8′ anti-vandal cabins can even be stacked and fitted with an access stairway. Even if you own a conventional unit without these added security measures, a lock and key could act as a satisfactory deterrent for anyone looking to unlawfully access your premises.

Private Location

Establishing your office space in a private location or one which is hard to access without the correct credentials will enhance the security tenfold, and mean less watchful eyes focused on your portable space. Whether you decide to pitch up your new business premises upon your property, or another area of land which is out of view from the general public, less access to strangers means a decreased chance of break-ins and criminal damage.

Special Anti-Vandal Offices

Specialist anti-vandal offices from Manchester Cabins are specifically designed with security in mind, and this is evident in the features these units come with as standard. External corrugated steel walls and steel security shutters house everything you would need in a conventional office, including the 15mm water inlet, 40mm waste outlet and overhead lighting. Electrical sockets and 2KW convector heaters are located within, while you aren’t restricted from upscaling to a larger and more spacious portable office for container hire from Manchester Cabins

Monitoring And CCTV

As a visual indicator to undesirables that your area is being monitored, CCTV technology and other recording devices will not only be off-putting to intruders, but can also help to identify them should a crime be committed. Alarm systems and sensory devices are also available for installation within buildings of any size, so why not explore the cameras and equipment on offer?

Shopping around for ‘storage containers Huddersfield’ or ‘local anti-vandal offices’? Spacious, secure and portable for easy movement from site to site, all units from Manchester Cabins are approved for safety, usability and value. Set up multiple portable toilets within a building site, accommodate for a local festival or affordably acquire your own office working space - all at the click of a button. Contact our team today with any questions you may have.

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