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How Welfare Cabins Can Help Those Living Without a Home

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

It’s no secret that the UK has a housing crisis, but what can be done to tackle the number of people who are unhoused? One solution that has the potential to help get people off the streets and into somewhere where there will be a roof over their heads is by utilising welfare cabins.

Welfare cabins, though small, are much more hospitable than the outdoors, especially in the winter months. Not to mention, they provide access to amenities such as running water and heating. In this blog, we go on to discuss if and how welfare cabins could be used to help people who are unhoused.

Large storage container

What is a Welfare Cabin?

Welfare cabins are units that are typically used on construction sites, which offer an accessible form of comfort to workers, whether this be toilets, diners or even accommodation. On a basic level, these must include heating, lighting and hot and cold running water, along with any other necessary appliances or features depending on the type of room that it is being used as.

How Can They Help Those Without a Home?

If you take the concept of a welfare cabin and expand it, then, in theory, these could actually provide a fully functional home for people who are unhoused. For example, storage containers could easily be converted into small, inexpensive studio-style homes with a kitchenette area, a bed and a bathroom with a toilet and shower.

Though it may not seem like much, in the grand scheme of things this is a huge improvement to living out on the street, where people often have no to minimal access to any of these things. Not only would it provide comfort, but it would give people a place to actually call home, offering them more privacy and stability that in turn would create a better opportunity for them to focus on finding their feet.

Case Studies

There have been some instances where converted storage containers have been used to provide housing to those who did not have their own home or access to shelter. One example of this is in Brighton, where, in 2014, the Brighton Housing Trust built thirty-six houses from shipping containers to help some of the local population of people who were unhoused.

This proved to be both a durable and cost-effective solution, with the project consisting of a five-year agreement to stay in the homes and including a food growing initiative that helped to promote resourcefulness and social gathering between the residents.

Another example is in Bristol, where eight modular units (called ‘Solohaus’) are in plan to be built on a car park. These will be managed by The Salvation Army and will be used for move-on accommodation for people who are sleeping rough, offering them a bed, living and kitchen area and a working shower and toilet, where they will be able to live for up to two years. Not only will these people have a safe, sheltered place to stay, but they will have access to vital support to help rehabilitate them.

Storage Container Hire in Manchester

If you’re based in Manchester or the surrounding area in the North-East and require the use of portable buildings, then Manchester Cabins is the company for you. We have numerous portable buildings available for hire, including welfare cabins of all kinds, storage containers and anti-vandal offices.

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