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How to Plan an Outdoor Music Festival

There are a lot of considerations when planning an outdoor music festival. As long as you focus on the key elements to running a successful music festival, it should run smoothly on the day of. It’s all in the planning.


Proper fencing is important to ensure only those who have paid for their ticket are able to get in. The key is to get fencing that is high enough and sturdy enough that people can’t climb over it, and has some sort of backing that makes it difficult to see in. There are many different types of fencing that work well for outdoor events like this. It’s best to choose fencing that can be quickly and easily set up and taken down.

Water Stations

Although you may bring in outside food vendors, it is important that you also provide water stations throughout the space. Water should be easily accessible to prevent the risk of dehydration and heatstroke. If your festival is also pet friendly, you will want to make sure that the furry friends are taken care of as well and provide low water dishes for the dogs in the audience.

Portable Loos

The way you manage the portable loos can be the difference between the success or failure of an outdoor music festival. No one wants to miss half the set of their favourite musician while waiting to use the toilet. When there are a small number of portable loos, they also become hard to keep clean and can leave a bad impression on your guests. Always make sure that you have enough toilets, along with ample handwashing facilities so that the patrons are talking about the music and not the queues.


Every music festival needs a good stage or two. The stage must be high enough that those in the back of the crowd can see the musical act. However, it shouldn’t be so high that those closest to the stage strain their necks trying to see the act. Find or build a stage that is about chest height and is sturdy but can also be broken down easily when the event is over.


Having ample staff is an important part of every event. Whether it is security to maintain the flow of the crowd or attendants to clean and stock the toilets, make sure that you have enough people on your team to keep the event running smoothly. They will also tackle any problems that arise throughout the festival.

Above all, ensure you have everything you need to be arranged long before the actual day of the festival. There’s nothing worse than having hundreds or thousands of people show up and not having any toilets. Contact Manchester Cabins to book your portable loos today.

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