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How to Plan a Festival Style Wedding

Festival weddings have soared in popularity in recent years and there are sure to be many more planned for this summer. The trend really took off following Kate Moss’s festival style wedding in 2011 and they’re the perfect choice for any bohemian or outdoor loving couple.

Festival weddings are a unique, relaxed way to put your own unique stamp on the big day, but anyone who’s planned a wedding knows it’s not the most relaxing process! There’s still plenty to get excited about however, and many couples stretch their festival wedding celebrations over a whole weekend. If you love live music, camping and the buzz of a festival, see our guide to planning the ultimate festival style wedding.

Choosing a location

If you’re planning a festival wedding, the first and most important aspect to sort out is the location. There are many options to choose from and you could even hold the wedding in your back garden if you have enough space! If you don’t have a field to hand, don’t be afraid to reach out to local farmers; many of them will be happy to rent a field for a small fee.

Other options include sports clubs, village greens, private estates, parks or farms. There are plenty of sites all over the country that have a licence for marriages and civil partnerships, or if you have your heart set on somewhere that doesn’t, you could still hold an outdoor celebration and have the legal ceremony at another time.

The amount of space you’ll need will depend on the number of guests and what you’ve got planned. If guests will be camping then you’ll need plenty of room to accommodate tents. You’ll also need to consider the legalities of your venue, such as music licences and when live music has to stop, as well making sure they have the right to serve alcohol.


You can’t have a festival wedding without live music, so booking a band (or several) should be at the top of your to-do list. If you want to plan a full line-up, there are plenty of other exciting options for festival-style entertainment. Anything goes here - from circus performers and magicians, to outdoor fairground games.

You could even consider setting up separate ‘zones’; perhaps one area to relax and unwind, one area for games, a stage for live music and an area with a bonfire or fire pit for when the sun goes down. Festival staples like a glitter bar are also very popular at festival-style weddings and it’s a great way for guests to really get into the spirit of things.

Festival-themed food and drink

If you don’t like the formality of a sit down meal, festival style wedding food is perfect. You may also be able to keep costs down by setting up your own bar and providing your own alcohol. Food trucks and mobile caterers are the go-to for festival weddings and the options are endless; from fancy burgers and hot dogs, to pizza, Mexican or Indian street food. There are plenty of options for dessert too, including ice cream trucks, cupcakes stands or even a popcorn or candy floss bar.

If you want to serve alcohol, don’t forget to make sure that the venue has a licence to do so. As mentioned, you could build your own bar or opt for mobile bar hire. Again, the options are endless, from traditional festival pints to prosecco or cocktails. Many couples like to create their own signature cocktail to remember the day and bar staff will be more than happy to help you design your perfect drink.


It’s likely that you’ll have guests who have travelled long distances, so you’ll need to think about accommodation. Camping is an important part of any festival wedding, especially if the celebrations are continuing over a few days. Make sure that your chosen venue has the space to camp, as well as a licence.

You should also bear in mind that some guests might not feel comfortable with camping (or be able to), so it’s a good idea to choose a location with some nearby hotels or bed and breakfasts. You could also hire some luxury tents or teepees for guests who’d like the full ‘glamping’ experience.

Don’t forget the toilets

Toilet facilities are absolutely essential if you’re planning an outdoor festival wedding - but don’t worry - they don’t have to be as notorious as actual festival toilets! Nowadays, toilet blocks are clean, hygienic and equipped with all the mod cons you’d expect, like mirrors and hand dryers.

It’s a good idea to have a minimum of one toilet for every 50 guests, but the more you have, the more comfortable guests will be. You’ll also need to hire portable showers if guests are camping.

Get crafty

A festival wedding is a great opportunity to put a truly unique stamp on your wedding, so why not get crafty with your decorations. Handmade bunting, banners or festival flags will ensure your location looks festival ready and you can create something that matches your vision perfectly. Many companies even run craft workshops as part of the hen or stag party so guests can get involved too.

Keeping guests comfortable

Festival weddings are great fun but it’s important to make sure guests are comfortable, especially if they’ll be camping in a field for a few days. As mentioned above, make sure you have plenty of toilets and shower blocks for guests. It’s also a good idea to provide blankets for when the sun goes down, or set up a campfire or fire pit.

Make sure there’s plenty of water too (especially if it’s hot) and some sheltered areas for guests to sit down.

Powering up

You’ll need a generator to provide power if you’re holding your wedding outside and they can be used to power everything from lighting, to sound systems, fairground rides and food trucks. Check with each company (e.g the band, food trucks etc) to establish if they’re bringing their own generator or if you’ll have to provide one. They should be able to tell you how much power they’ll need and then a generator supplier can recommend the correct size. Always have a backup plan in case the power fails - the last thing you want is for the music to cut out in the middle of the first dance!


If you’re hiring a teepee or marquee, most will include a standard lighting package. You could then add extra fairy lights to the interior or in nearby trees for a magical festival glow. It’s a good idea to provide lighting to key areas like the toilets too, especially if your wedding is taking place in a remote field. Uplighters are probably your best option and they can be placed in front of toilet blocks or to illuminate pathways.

Clearing up

We’ve all seen shocking pictures of rubbish left over after an event like Glastonbury, so it’s important to make sure that you have a thorough clear up plan in place. Check with caterers, bar staff or anyone else you’re hiring to establish whether they’ll be taking all rubbish with them. Make sure you have plenty of bins handy to dispose of waste and encourage guests to thoroughly clear up after themselves when they leave the site.

You won’t want to spend the first few days as newlyweds tidying up rubbish, so consider hiring a professional event cleaning company to do it for you. They’ll be able to collect and dispose of any waste on your behalf so you can relax and enjoy newly married life.

Portable serviced toilet hire from the team at Manchester Cabins

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