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How to Move Your Storage Container Across Long Distances

Shipping containers are great storage spaces as well as offering a range of other uses. But a big issue for many people who want to make use of a storage container is how to move them. You can move shipping containers across short distances by using a forklift, tractor, crane or pickup truck. However, if you need them to travel further you may be stumped.

If you’re preparing for your storage container hire in Manchester, here’s how to move your shipping container from point A to point B.

Flatbed lorry


Lorries are the most common way that storage containers are moved. You can use a tilt bed lorry, a flatbed lorry or a lorry with a container chassis to transport your shipping container. You may need to contact a freight company to assist you. The larger the container, the larger the lorry will need to be.


You can use a flatbed lorry to transport your container or a pickup with a flatbed trailer. It will need a level bed so that you can safely secure the container. In order to get the container onto the flatbed, you will need a forklift or a crane to help you load and unload.

Tilt Bed

This type of lorry will also have a flatbed that you are able to secure the container. Similarly, you can also use a pickup with a tilt bed trailer. The flatbed is able to tilt at an angle where the container will slowly slide off.

Semi-lorry with container chassis

This type of lorry is specifically designed to transport shipping containers. It uses an in-built twist lock that interacts with the container’s corner castings and keeps it secured over long distances. You will also need a crane to offload and load the container from the chassis.

If you need to transport your shipping container overseas or across the country you can do this by ship or train. However, you will need to organise a lorry to transport the shipping container to the nearest port or railroad beforehand. The rest can be arranged with shipping companies.

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