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How to Maintain Your Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers provide a secure, reliable and cost effective way to store excess stock, furniture or possessions. These portable buildings are extremely durable and built to withstand extreme temperatures, but you can make them last even longer with the right maintenance.

If you rely on steel storage containers for your business or personal possessions, see below for our maintenance tips to ensure they stay strong and secure for as long as possible.

Check the roof

The corners of storage containers are designed to bear very heavy loads, but this doesn’t extend to the middle of the roof. The centre of your storage container roof is actually much weaker, so inspect the roof regularly for build-ups of snow, rainwater or debris.

Brush off any dirt or water that’s collected and look for any dents in the roof. Dents can collect rainwater which leads to corrosion, so repair any affected areas immediately.

Inspect for rust

Rust can weaken the structural integrity of your storage container and make it less secure. Regularly inspect your containers for any rusted areas and clean away any dirt or rust build up. Once removed, rust can be prevented with a specialist paint to help protect against corrosion. After you’ve cleaned away any rust, protect the affected areas with a sealant and rust-proof paint to prevent the issue reoccurring.

Lubricate the doors

The doors of your storage container are prone to more damage, especially if they’re frequently in use. Clean and lubricate the hinges and locks of container doors to extend their lifespan and prevent wear and tear. A specialist cleaner also helps to remove build-ups of dirt, grit or rust on the moving parts of your doors.

Place on level ground

It’s important to place storage containers on a level, even surface to keep them in the best condition. Uneven ground can cause puddles to develop underneath the container, which leads to corrosion and build-ups of rust. An uneven surface also makes it more difficult to open and close doors which can lead to damage.

If you’re in need of steel storage container hire in Manchester, get in touch with the team at Manchester Cabins. We use converted shipping containers that have been built to last, so you can be confident that your storage container is strong, secure and highly durable. Our storage containers are available in two sizes (10ft and 20ft) for your convenience and they include insurance approved padlocks as standard. For more information about our steel storage containers or portable building solutions, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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