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How to Keep a Portable Loo Smelling Fresh

While portable loos are quite useful and ideal for many situations such as outdoor concerts and fairs, people usually try to avoid them. This is usually due to the fact that portable loos usually don’t smell wonderful.

If you’ve ever stepped into one of these booths and held your breath while you hurried through everything, you know how bad it can get. However, it’s possible to keep your portable toilet smelling fresh with a few simple methods.

Hire Your Loos from the Right Company

Many companies will simply drop the loos off and leave them for the duration, reappearing to remove the waste from time to time. These are the loos that smell the worst, because there is no real care taken. If you choose the right company, they will provide more than merely emptying the tanks and can leave you with a clean smelling space.

Leave the Doors Open

It may seem best to just close up the toilets when they’re not in use and prevent extra smells this way, but it’s actually far better to let the fresh air inside. Open the doors and allow the airflow to help clear out some of the odours. This also helps cool the interior a little on hot days. Heat can make bacteria multiply faster, which affects the smell, too.

Use Deodorisers

There are many options when it comes to odour control and many of them are septic tank safe. It’s important to be careful what you put down the portable loo, as it will have to be pumped out later on. However, odour removers that contain natural ingredients should be fine and they can help remove many of the smells associated with a portable loo.

Disinfect Frequently

While the company may come to clean and disinfect weekly, it’s a good idea to give the loo a quick wipe down after each day of use. This can be done with sanitising wipes and it’s a good way to eliminate the germs that build up from people constantly touching the same things. Be sure to wipe down the door handles, toilet paper holders, and hand sanitiser or soap dispensers. Of course, the toilet seat will also need cleaning and you should wipe the floor down, as well, to eliminate splashes or spills.

Use Air Fresheners

Aim for a natural scent, if possible, as the chemically scented sprays can be quite sickening when combined with the odours in the toilet. A natural lavender or rose scent may help mask the smells better and give a more pleasant atmosphere to the loo.

Are you in need of portable loos from a quality company? At Manchester Cabins, we look after our clients and our loos.

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