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How Many Toilets Does Your Construction Site Need?

Are you planning for portable toilet blocks at your construction site? There’s no getting past the fact that your workers need to use the facilities on a regular basis. You should plan to have enough toilets for everyone on the site.

What Facilities Are Necessary?

In the UK, you must provide certain necessities or you could end up with a heavy fine. This includes:

● Sufficient toilets for everyone. Workers should be able to use the toilet within a reasonable amount of time.

● Doors that lock on the toilets.

● Clean toilets that are ventilated and include lighting.

● Facilities for soap, toilet paper, and cleansing of hands with hand drying.

If there is running water on-site, you may wish to hire a portable toilet block, rather than the chemical toilets that are so popular with construction companies. Your workers will appreciate having flushing toilets, but this does require additional connections to drainage. However, it will help your workers’ morale levels.

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need?

You’ll need to plan for the correct number of toilets according to the number of people that are working onsite. This is regardless of whether they are directly employed by you or not.

For the first five people, you must provide one lavatory. You’ll need two for up to 25 works, three for up to 50, four for up to 75, and so on. This reduces the length of time people are waiting for the toilet and will keep workers from becoming frustrated.

Just planning for the number of workers isn’t enough, however. You should also consider how far people have to walk. If the toilets are a 20-minute walk from where people are working, that will waste quite a lot of time. Plan to have toilets set up in more than one place if you have a very large construction site. This also means you’ll need more toilets.

Are you looking for portable toilet options for your construction site? At Manchester Cabins, we offer a few options to help you provide the necessary accommodations for your workers.

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