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How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need for My Event?

Portable toilets are a great addition to your event as they can increase the number of bathrooms you have available for your guests. It’s important to provide the right amount so that there aren’t any massively long queues, however, you don’t want too many if you’re restricted by budget and space.

Here we’ll help you decide how many portable toilets you should need for your event.

Do a headcount

Keeping track of how many people are coming to your event is vital and you should be able to provide at least a rough estimate of how many people are going to attend. This could either be through ticket sales or how much interest you’ve received on social media platforms. Getting an accurate headcount will help you decide how many toilets you’ll need to hire. You can let the hiring company know how many people are coming and they can use their experience and expertise to recommend a good number.

Consider the length of your event

How long is your event going to be? If it is just a few hours, it’s unlikely you’ll have everybody queuing up to use the toilet. However, if your event lasts several days, people will be using the toilets multiple times a day. The more toilets you have available, the less time people will spend queuing to use them. This means that your guests will have even more time to enjoy your event and it will keep them in good spirits.

What food and beverages are you offering?

If you’re supplying any kind of food and drink you will need to supply toilets to your guests. If you are serving alcohol, it’s no surprise that people will need to be using the bathrooms regularly. It’s recommended to order approximately 20 percent more toilets than you would if you were not serving alcohol. The same also applies if guests bring their own food and drink, so bear that in mind.

How big are the event grounds?

Depending on how much space your event is spread out over, you may need more or less toilets. If your event is spread out across several fields, for example, you don’t want to make your guests walk for 10 minutes to reach a bathroom. Therefore, you’ll have to order more toilets to make up for a large amount of space.

What style of toilet do you want?

Different types of toilet blocks will have a different amount of toilets inside. If you choose a luxury toilet block, you may only have 1 or 2 toilets inside, whereas standard toilet blocks may have several alongside urinals. If you decide to choose luxury toilet blocks, you’ll need to order more to make up the numbers.

Manchester Cabins offer temporary buildings and cabins for a range of uses. Whether you’re looking for toilet block hire, steel storage containers or transportation for building structures, get in touch with us today.

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