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How Festivals Might Change Post-Covid

Covid-19 has affected almost every aspect of our lives; from how we work, to how we travel, communicate and socialise. The hospitality and entertainment industries are two sectors which have unfortunately been hit hardest during the pandemic, but organisations are working tirelessly to adapt to ‘the new normal’.

Festivals are a summer staple for many people and they offer the perfect opportunity for escapism, catch ups with friends and of course, lots of great live music. A festival setting is a logistical nightmare in terms of social distancing, but solutions are emerging to hopefully allow these events to go ahead in the near future. If you’re wondering how festivals might change or operate in a post-covid world, read on to find out more.

Compulsory testing

This is one potential solution that’s been put forward by Melvin Benn, the managing director of festivals including Reading, Leeds and Wireless. The idea is that each person would have to provide evidence of a negative covid-19 test before being allowed entry to the site. In theory, if everyone attending had tested negative then the festival could go ahead at full capacity, with no social distancing regulations in place.

Seated audiences

A few larger outdoor gigs have already been trialled with audiences seated separately at a safe distance. These types of gigs could become the norm, with separate ‘pods’ allowing groups of six or eight to enjoy a gig in their own seated area.

One way systems

Attractions like museums, theme parks and zoos have reopened with one way systems in place, and we could see the same for festivals once they’re allowed to go ahead. One way systems help to spread out crowds and reduce the number of people rushing to one area at once.

Contactless ordering and payments

Cash payments could be a thing of the past and many festival organisers are likely to turn to contactless payments to help keep people safe. Apps could play a useful part too, allowing people to order food or drink to their table or seating area without the need to queue in a crowded line.

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