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Guide to Glamping The Essential Items

With more of us taking holidays at home at the moment or ‘staycations’ as they are affectionately termed, the chances are you have considered a camping trip. With the UK staycation boom causing rising sales in camping gear and supplies, it really is no surprise that the tide is turning in terms of consumer habits. However, there are certain luxuries that some of us just cannot forgo for a camping holiday and in turn, some people would rather take a so-called ‘glamping’ holiday. Glamping is essentially defined as ‘glamorous camping’ and this basically means, you’ll be camping but with a little bit more luxury and most likely a bit more by way of amenities. With this in mind, we are going to outline to you some of the essentials items and preparation you’ll want to consider for your glamping extravaganza and unlike regular camping - you don’t necessarily have to pack light either.

Glamping is a great holiday option and brings the natural world a step closer but still permits you to have a little bit of the modern-day luxury that you’re accustomed to and that you want for a holiday experience. While some people love nothing more than to head off on a camping trip and be as far away from the connected world as they can possibly be, being as simple and effective as possible, glamping provides you with the comfort and facilities that regular camping can’t quite do.

However, there are still a few fundamentals you’re going to need to pack with you which we have listed in a handy guide below.

Warm Clothes

Obviously, you’ll need to pack your clothes, and the items you pick are likely to be dependent on the time of year in which you are glamping but either way, it is often cold at night all year round so certainly pack some comfy and warm clothes. At all times of year this is often the best way to go to make sure you find the optimum temperature for your outdoor adventures.

Pack clothes which you aren’t afraid to get wet or muddy, and for any little ones who are coming along with you, a few spare sets of clothes will definitely not go amiss and are crucial as messy play often takes place outside - even when glamping! Bring a good-quality jacket, hat and gloves if you’re travelling in during the autumn or winter months, and swap this out for a sunhat in the summer (and even swimwear – especially if you’ve opted for a location with a hot tub!)

No matter what season you travel, you should definitely be prepared with a thick jumper or fleece, as the weather will be very unpredictable, and even the summer evening can get a little colder! Don’t forget to bring your PJ’s either, and maybe some slippers for when you’re lying out on a blanket under the sky stargazing.


If you want to spend some time in the great outdoors, you’ll need to bring a good pair of walking boots (or trainers) to keep your feet feeling well supported the whole time. If you’re going to a beach location in the summertime, flip-flops and sandals are certainly worth packing, although you may well want to enjoy some barefoot strolling in the sand. If rain is forecast, you don’t need to worry, as your glamping accommodation will keep you perfectly sheltered, and there are still plenty of activities to be done in the rain! However, if this is the case, a pair of wellie boots will definitely come in handy.

Towels and Bedding

Some glamping abodes that you may be staying at will come equipped with towels, bedding and toiletries - sometimes even a dressing gown and slippers! So with this in mind, you won’t always need to worry about bringing all of these items but of course it's certainly worth querying this beforehand as you wouldn't want to end up going without these essential items and of course there may be a few of your own bits and bobs you want to bring. But it still applies - be sure to check this out before you leave for your trip! Comfy duvets and pillows will be provided though so that you can save some room in the car.


No glamping trip (or even camping for that matter) holiday would be complete without a little bag full of handy items, these items are not necessarily necessities, but you will certainly find them useful nonetheless.

●Torch or solar lantern - in case one has not been provided and for those dark nights

●Thermal flask - for any long woodland or coastal walks

●Baby wipes or Face wipes – a glamping essential for anyone

●Sun cream – especially if you are staying near a beach-no one wants to be get burnt

●Sunglasses – these are obviously ideal to shield you from the sun rays

●Mini First Aid kit – just in case you or anyone staying with you has a minor injury

●Map of the place you are staying - this is ideal to help you get out and explore

●Hand sanitizer – to keep your hands clean and sanitary

●Books – always handy to have for any quiet or downtime

●Camera – to capture all your happy memories

●Cards or board games - always a great idea to bring for a bit of evening entertainment

Food and Snacks

The vast majority of luxury or high-end glamping sites provide cooking facilities, from outdoor barbecues to camping cooking gear; some often even have a fridge, hob and sink. This means that you’ll be able to whip up a delicious feast for all the family if you wish, so be sure to bring along something to make. Alternatively, there will almost always be plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby where you can dine if you’d rather the cooking was done for you (you are on holiday after all). Do however, bring along some yummy snacks and tasty beverages to keep you energised throughout your trip!

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